Jesus was so exhausted that the soldiers, afraid of being deprived of the ‘joy’ of crucifying the man from Nazareth, forced an African from Cyrene, to help Jesus carry his cross. He reluctantly did so; reluctantly, because he did not know Jesus; as far as he knew, he could have been a murderer, but God soon gave him the grace, by just one grateful look from Jesus, to know that he was a good man.


How many times have I been reluctant to help someone in need’? ‘sorry, I’ve got too much to do, I’ve no time now!’ How many times have I refused to help someone in need? What can I do about it?

How many times have I walked away from someone needing help’? ‘I just can’t be bothered, it’s too much trouble, I just don’t want to get involved!

Each time I have done such, I have refused to help Jesus for ‘whatever you do, or don’t do, to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me’.

O Lord whenever I see someone in need of help, let this station give me the grace to do all I can to help them, however reluctant I may feel.

Dying you destroyed our death

Rising you restored our life

Lord Jesus come in glory