The crowd now have their way, they spit at Jesus, kick him and finally force him to the ground amidst jeers, laughs and insults – ‘he said he was a king, look at him now!’

Jesus looks up at the crowd who are beating him and sees they are the very people he has helped. Is there not one friendly face?


It is so easy to join the crowd against a person who is down; it’s so hard to stick up for such a person in case they turn on you as well!

But it is not the crowd, as such, that force him to the ground, no, it is all my sins! He is seeing them as I will see them in purgatory. The little sins that seem nothing to me, and then I will see them as he sees them now and they are enormous! He surely must be thinking, ‘how could you hurt me so, after all I have done for you?’

O Lord, by merits of this first fall help me to see how grotesque are even the smallest sins I have committed and grant me the grace not to sin again.

Dying you destroyed our death

Rising you restored our life

Lord Jesus come in glory