The ultimate humiliation! Jesus has been ridiculed beyond measure! He is blind-folded – ‘tell us who struck you, O great prophet, tell us who is tugging at your royal beard?’ ‘He’s a king, so he must have a crown’. A crown of thorns! He is paraded through the streets like a common criminal and he says not a word, he is led like a lamb to the slaughter and now this!

We may ask why so much humiliation, and your answer will be, ‘why so much pride?’ Pride was the crime of the archangel Lucifer; he wanted to be God’s equal, and in the moment he committed this sin he became a hideous demon and was thrown to hell. Pride was the crime of Adam and Eve, ‘if you eat this fruit you will be as great as God himself’.

And they and all mankind lost paradise.

Pride is the source and origin of all the sins that are committed. It is simply an inordinate, excessive love of oneself that makes a person think he is better than anyone else; they are dependant on no one, not even God!


O Lord, you suffered humiliation to such degree in order to pay for the sins of pride. May this station remind me of this whenever I find myself committing such a terrible sin, then grant me the grace of true humility.

Dying you destroyed our death

Rising you restored our life

Lord Jesus come in glory

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