Important Announcement:

Covid-19 Arrangements for Our Lady of the Valley

During the present crisis:

There will be no Mass or other services in Our Lady of the Valley parish until further notice.

LATEST (20th June):

As from Monday 22nd June, St. Michael and St. John’s church will be able to open its doors and welcome people back, for quiet and private prayer.

Whenever the church is open there must always be two stewards in the church who are able to direct people and also make sure that all the necessary requirements are being adhered to. They will also have the necessary antibacterial materials to wipe down benches as required. We have just had enough volunteers to enable us to open the church for private prayer at the following times: –

Monday to Friday 11am till 12 noon.

Saturday 11am till 1pm.

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We would still like more volunteers who are under 70 who would be prepared to volunteer to 'be on duty' when church is open.

Cardinal Vincent Nichols’ Statement:

I am grateful to the Prime Minister for his decision that our churches may now open again for individual prayer. I thank the Secretary of State for Communities, Mr Robert Jenrick and the Minister of State, Lord Stephen Greenhalgh, for their leadership of the Task Force which helped bring about this important step.
This is a first, measured step in restoring the more normal practice of our faith and will be welcomed by so many, who have waited with great patience since 23 March when our churches were closed, by Government decision, as part of the fight against this pandemic.
I thank everyone for that patience. It is important that every care is taken to ensure that the Guidance given for this limited opening is fully observed, not least by those entering our churches. Our preparation is taking place with thoroughness. Visiting a church for individual prayer, benefitting from the sacredness of that space, can be done safely and confidently.
Not every Catholic Church will be open on 15 June. Local decisions and provision have to lead this process. But it is a great blessing, for individuals and for the benefit of all in society, that church doors will again be open to all who long to pray there for the peace and grace we need today.
This first step enables us to learn and prepare for those that will take us to a fuller use of our churches, for the celebration of Mass and other sacraments. We await that time with deep longing but patient understanding that the protection of the health of our society, especially of the most vulnerable, is a proper cause for caution and care.

Live Simply Thought for the Week...

...During this crisis let’s be sure to see what practical actions we might be able to offer to help family, friends and nextdoor neighbours who might be isolated - give them a  phone call to see how they are, or offer to shop for them, while remembering to adhere to social distancing instructions...


Bishop John’s Homily on the resumption of public worship - 28th June 2020

I have to speak to you on two different themes this morning so I hope that you will be patient with me...

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Laudato Si'

On care for our common home...

laudato-siNever before was a Papal letter more enthusiastically received by other Christian Churches, other religions, politicians, scientists, believers and non-believers alike than Pope Francis’ letter on creation, “Laudato si”.  It is a challenging read at 189 pages but is clearly written and has a message that we should all try to absorb. Explains why the Church is keen to embrace the principles of  conservation and recognition of the challenges of climate change. Our parish has an active group that concerns itself with this and strives to involve all the parish in meeting these challenges.

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Caring for Our Common Home, At Home

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For the time being all events are suspended

CoronaVirus – Supporting and Helping Each Other

The measures put in place by the Government at this very difficult time are to help all of us to be protected in the best way possible. Many of us will be isolated and this, inevitably, causes other problems. We must all support and care for each other in whatever way we can. Some Parishioners will become very lonely and need a visit or a phone call, others may need shopping or lifts to appointments, there will be a variety of needs within the community. But always keep in mind the need to adhere to social distancing instructions.

Members of the SVP will be doing all that they can to help but we want to extend what we are doing to all Parishioners. If you are someone who does not have to self isolate and would like to help please take some of the cards from the box at the back of church and give one to anybody you are aware of in your area who may need help. The card gives them your contact details offering your help. (Click to download)

This is a great opportunity for us to “Love one another". We must all pray that these measures have the best possible effect and put our trust in God’s love and compassion.

If you would like support in any way please get in touch with Peter on 01200 441081 who will help or give you a contact for someone who can.

Today's Mass Readings


Hope in the Future

Hope in the Future is Bishop John’s invitation to every Parish in the Salford Diocese to recognise, celebrate and develop their missionary identity and their call to evangelise.
 Our Parish has responded to this invitation by embracing the programme.
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Stage 3 - Pastoral Message and Worksheet 3: Meeting Jesus in our Offering - click to download

This Week's Masses and Services

During the present crisis:

There will be no Mass or other services in Our Lady of the Valley parish.

In line with The Prime Minister's statement no churches in the diocese should open again until these restrictions are lifted. This means further restrictions on weddings and baptisms, none of which should now take place.

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