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Lent 2017

Lenten Thought for the week:

26 March: Don't buy bottled water—fill up from the tap! Again, related to damage caused by plastic waste.

Jesus on the way to CalvaryThe Stations of the Cross

Click here to follow the Way of the Cross in prayer and meditation   12 March: Think about your car journey—could you walk or share?  This is linked to the use of fossil fuels. 19 March: Buy loose, not pre-packed fruit and vegetables—don’t put them in a bag. This is linked to the damage caused by plastic waste.

Meatless Friday?

As poor countries grow richer and adopt Western lifestyles the consumption of meat, particularly beef, dramatically increases, contributing enormously to Global Warming as forests are felled, grains are fed to cattle and the cow’s digestive process releases large volumes of methane into the atmosphere.  Help the Planet by adopting the old Catholic practice of not eating meat on Friday, particularly during Lent.

Laudato Si'

On care for our common home...

laudato-siNever before was a Papal letter more enthusiastically received by other Christian Churches, other religions, politicians, scientists, believers and non-believers alike than Pope Francis’ letter on creation, “Laudato si” two years ago.  Though it is a challenging read at 189 pages it is clearly written and has a message that we should all try to absorb.  So, over eight meetings, held twice a month during October, November, January and February, we shall travel through the document, as we did with Evangelii Gaudium, starting Wednesday evening 5th October in the Parish Centre.

Fr John

Click here to download Laudato si

Knit'n'Knatterthon (3) - 29th March

Refugees' Day Out - photos

Sponsored Walk - photos

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