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Reduce your carbon footprint and save money. Save water, save energy.  On average 16% of a household’s energy bill is from heating water for baths, showers, washing up etc.  Small changes to the way we use water at home can reduce your energy bill, and you will save on your water bill if you’re on a meter. Reduce shower time by 1 min and save around £50 on your water bill.  More ideas on saving water tips/


Today's Mass Readings


Caring for Our Common Home, At Home

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This Week's Masses and Services

Ballitoville MASSES THIS WEEKEND: Saturday
12 noon—Mass at Dunsop Bridge
5pm—Mass at Clitheroe

9.30am—Mass in Clitheroe
11am—Mass at Sabden

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Mass at 10am (Clitheroe)

On Tuesday years 1 & 4 will join us for Mass

Requiem Mass 11am—Gerard Regan

Eucharistic Service 10am (Clitheroe)

Saturday (9th December)
Confessions 10.15—10.45am  &  4.15pm—4.45pm



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