7th March 2021 – 3rd Sunday of Lent

http://nikkoparklodge.com/welcome/external/ 6th March the week ahead:-

http://sph.ba/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=https://sph.ba/o-nama-2/ Today is the Third Sunday in Lent

Mass 12 noon (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge

Mass 5pm        (Saturday) Clitheroe

Mass 9.30am       (Sunday)    Clitheroe

Mass 11am           (Sunday)    Sabden

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Monday                No Public Mass

Tuesday                 Mass 10am

Wednesday           Mass 10am

Thursday               Mass 10am

anyhow Friday                    No Public Mass

Fourth Sunday in Lent (Mothering Sunday)                   

Mass 12 noon (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge

Mass 5pm             (Saturday) Clitheroe

Mass 9.30am      (Sunday)    Clitheroe

Mass 11am          (Sunday)    Sabden

A Public Mass can only be celebrated on the days that we have stewards who are available.

This week there will be a Public Mass at 10am in Clitheroe on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Jack Whitwell, Rita & Frank Donvaband, Joseph Lofthouse,

Pat Addy

Jack Whitwell, Joseph Lofthouse

The Word This Week:
This week, in our journey through the Old Testament, we reach Covenant Number Three: and this is the big one – the Covenant with Moses at Sinai. The Ten Commandments are (or should be) familiar to us all: they form our side of the agreement with God – if we stick to these rules and commands, then we are truly God’s people, and he is truly our God. If we ignore them, or break them, then we break the Covenant or relationship. The Temple was, for the people of Israel, the place that guaranteed the permanence of this Covenant – God dwelling with man. Jesus alerts us to the new Temple – himself – since he is the core of the New Covenant, God and Man in perfect unity. Only by the destruction of this new Temple, in his death, will he rise again as an eternal Temple, and the eternal guarantee of the New Covenant which we enjoy.

Papal Visit to Iraq Friday 5th-Monday 8th March
Over the next few days Pope Francis is undertaking one of his most symbolic yet perilous Apostolic Journeys, to Iraq. Let us keep the Holy Father in our prayers.

Lent Resources 2021:
You can find these on the diocesan website here:  https://www.dioceseofsalford.org.uk/lent-in-lockdown-resources/

Caritas Update   The next meeting of DiSAN (Diocesan Social Action Network) will take place via Zoom on THURSDAY 25th MARCH 10.30 – 12 noon.
This is an opportunity for all involved in social action across our Diocese to share experiences, support one another and identify important opportunities for collaboration and working together in partnerships, in the face of ongoing challenges.
As our parishes continue to increase their direct engagement and support for the most marginalised in our local communities, we will be delighted to welcome Caritas Parish Representatives to the meeting, together with others who have a particular interest or responsibility in their parish for local social action/social justice activities.
During the meeting we will also hear from Mark Turnbull from the Greater Manchester charity Out There, about their transformational work providing emotional and practical support to the families and children of prisoners and how we can connect with their work.  Please can anyone wishing to attend the meeting email Kath Ansley k.ansley@caritassalford.org.uk by no later than 12 noon on Monday 22nd March. 

Hope in the Future Representatives Zoom Gathering – Tuesday 23rd March 2021, 7:00pm
Parish and Deanery Hope in the Future Representatives are invited to attend a Zoom Gathering on Tuesday 23rd March at 7:00pm. There will be chance to share the challenges and opportunities of this time in your locality as well as to hear about plans for Stage 4.
Register by emailing hope@dioceseofsalford.org.uk and you will receive the link the day before.

Living Laudato Si’: Zoom Retreats in 2021, 12th-16th March & 16th-19th April (led from Boarbank Hall, Cumbria)
What will happen? A long weekend of talks and discussions on zoom, and practical activities, on living the message of Laudato Si’ in and through your parish.
Who is it for? Any interested parishioner is most welcome to join us. The weekend is aimed especially at people with parish responsibilities or who are part of or want to start a relevant parish group.
Sessions will be on Friday night, Saturday morning and night, Sunday afternoon and night and Monday night (leaving people free during the day on Monday).
Cost – voluntary donations gratefully accepted, but there will be no fee for the weekend.
To apply, simply email Sr Margaret Atkins on margaret@boarbankhall.org.uk

Can you commit to using less electricity/gas this Lent?

When you consume less power, you reduce the amount of toxic fumes released by power stations, conserve the earth’s natural resources and protect ecosystems from destruction. By taking steps to reduce your energy intake, you’ll contribute to a healthier environment.  Encourage your family and friends to join you.

Before buying Easter eggs, think:
Is it Fairtrade?
Many agricultural products are grown by overworked and underpaid workers.
Look for the Fairtrade logo to make sure that the person growing your chocolate receives a fair wage and working conditions.

This year our focus is on “Walking for Water.”

Abdella, who is a young man, lives in an extremely remote and mountainous part of Ethiopia, where it is getting hotter and drier each year. It takes him ten hours every day to collect water for his family.

Throughout Lent each time you resist a treat or give up something put the money you save in an envelope and then return the envelope at Easter.

Global Healing: a series of talks for Lent 2021. This is Week 2  –https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaV3FKjQFN8&feature=youtu.be


‘Our ‘virtual journey’ began on Saturday 13th February. We are now 20 days into the trip and arrived at Chanoy in Burgundy still making our way south eastwards to the Rhone Valley .  Burgundy is renowned for its superb wines, excellent gastronomy and rich architectural heritage. Buildings of note include a large number of medieval and Renaissance homes, churches and monasteries.  Many are topped by the region’s distinctive, multihued tile roofs. Most of the monasteries belonged either to the Cistercian order or their bitter rivals, at the time, the powerful and wealthy Benedictines directed from Cluny.

Our plan to‘arrive’ in Lourdes on Easter Sunday 4th April, after completing the challenge of cycling the 1071 miles route from Clitheroe in 51 days.

Back in the ‘real world’ we have cycled twenty different local loops. We have had dry weather for the last week with Sunday being particularly warm and the last couple of days being extremely cold. We aim to be passing through Dijon this Sunday and Cluny, as mentioned above, on Wednesday.

Mary’s Meals is a charity dedicated to providing life changing meals to some of the world’s poorest children. Their vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things. We would really appreciate your support in helping raise funds for this charity. You can read more about their great work and perhaps donate to our project via the link below.


Alternatively you may like to ring Arnold Marsden on 01200 427096 or email cycle21lourdes@yahoo.com to be added to our sponsor list and receive weekly updates on our progress if you desire.

Please enjoy the journey with us and follow our progress, both real and virtual, via our travel blog www.mytb.org/BernieW


The CCP prayer theme for this month is an interactive prayer theme encouraging us to take seriously our God-given responsibility to care for the Earth. Amongst other things we can pray for those facing rising temperatures, drought and water shortages, failed crops, land loss and salination of vital water supplies.

You can find out more at loveclitheroe.com/prayer-for-our-town


Continued from last week, statistics and notes from a Commemoranda – a book containing something to be remembered – a record or written statement of something.  These figures are for Clitheroe & Sabden

67 Baptisms

74 Instructed in the Sacraments

5296 Confessions

19 General Confessions

4849 Communions

861 Easter Communions

41 Extreme Unctions

15 Marriages

31 Deaths (18 adults 13 children)

During this year a Sodality of Our Blessed Lady was established for Men.  On Whit Monday there was a grand Procession of the congregation and school children to Sabden, for the purpose of laying the Foundation Stone of a new School Chapel.  The stone was blessed by Fr Anderdon and laid by Captain Trappes.  The Church was warmed more effectually by a new set of hot water pipes.

74 Baptisms including 4 adults

66 Instructed in the Sacraments

5870 Confessions

9 General Confessions

5576 Communions

890 Easter Communions

32 Extreme Unctions

7 Marriages

34 Deaths including 10 infants

On March 25th the first Members of the newly established Mens Sodality were solemnly consecrated to our Blessed Lady in the presence of a crowded congregation.  A Bazaar was held at the beginning of May – the object was to raise funds for the School Chapel at Sabden, a Mortuary Chapel in our own Cemetery and also to make sundry improvements in our own church.  It cleared a very handsome sum of £573-19-4½.

On June 3rd there was a general Communion or our Holy Father the Pope, on occasion of his Jubilee.  It was preceded by a Triduum.

On June 7th St Mary’s School Chapel at Sabden was opened with solemnity, and the opening services were continued on the following Sunday.  The Day School commenced on June 18th.

Fr Provincial has arranged that Mass be said in Sabden once each month.

The Sabden School Chapel and 3 Cottages cost a little over £1039.

91 Baptisms (including 11 adults)

145 Instructed in the Sacraments

6347 Confessions

10 General Confessions

5683 Communions

893 Easter Communions

32 Extreme Unctions

12 Marriages

32 Deaths including 18 adults

During the 3rd week of Lent Fr Loughnan gave the usual Retreat to the Men’s Soladity and to all the men of the congregation.

On Whit Monday the Bishop of Salford laid the Foundation Stone of the Mortuary Chapel in the Cemetery.  It is to be dedicated to St Joseph.

On the commemoration of All Souls Fr Wm Lea blessed the Mortuary Chapel and said Mass in it.  On the following day (Sunday) there was another opening service and the sermon was preached by Fr Maguire.  The usual retreat was given to the Children of Mary.

During this year we began to give Benediction at Sabden on the Sunday afternoons.

The Mortuary Chapel with a few improvements in the Cemetery cost about £703.

74 Baptisms

314 Instruced in the Sacraments

6743 Confessions

15 General Confessions

5999 Communions

1002 Easter Communions

41 Extreme Uncti9ons

172 Confirmations

9 Marriages

33 Deaths including 21 adults

This year new gates were bought for the Cemetery and a new approach was made to the Mortuary Chapel.  The usual Retreats were given to the Children of Mary and to the Men’s Sodality.

75 Baptisms

70 Instructed in the Sacraments

5524 Confessions  70 extra district

14 General Confessions

5490 Communions

864 Easter Communions

30 Extreme Unctions

12 Marriages

38 Deaths including 21 Adults

Fr Speakman came to Clitheroe in place of Fr Purbrick on Feb 7th 1880.  Fr Purbrick left Clitheroe for his tertianship on Feb 11th 1880.

In the month of May, Benediction was discontinued in Sabden except on the first Sunday of each month on account of the small number who came to the service.

On Whit Monday Fr Pinnington laid the Foundation Stone for our New Sacristy.

During this year several improvements were made in the Church.  The Sanctuary was tiled, new Communion Rails and a new Pulpit (both of Marble and Alabaster) were put up, and also a beautiful Font was bought.  The cost of these several improvements were

   £      s  d
New Sacristy, including room above it, Bathroom, Confessional & Belfry  735-0-0
Tling of the Sanctuary  161-0-0
Communion Rails   84-0-0
Pulpit  151-0-0
Font  104-0-0

The Annual Retreats were given as usual, to the Children of Mary and to the Men’s Sodality.

67 Infant Baptisms

82 Instructed in Sacraments

6032 Confessions    40 extra district

19 General Confessions

5349 Communions

936 Easter Communions

20 Extreme Unctions

8 Marriages

16 Adult Deaths

17 Infant Deaths

During this year the Organ in the Church was taken to pieces and throughly cleaned and repaired at a cost of £13. 10s 0d.

In the month of October a most successful Bazaar was held in the Schoolroom.  It realized ***£760.8s. 3½ (gross) – all was not sold.

The Church and House were pointed during this year at a cost of £158.  Of this about two thirds were for the Church and one third for the House.

In the month of December we began to have Evening Service on Sunday at 6.30.  We continued to have Afternoon Service for the children and for the convenience of those who could not come to the Evening Service.

The Annual Retreats were given as usual to the Children of Mary and to the Men’s Sodality.

     ***I make that £93,015.0s.0d in today’s money ???

68 Infant Baptisms

109 Instructed in Sacraments

6608 Confessions

5 General Confessions

5411 Communions

959 Easter Communions

33 Extreme Unctions

13 Marriages

26 Adult Deaths

11 Infant Deaths
On January 8th a Guild for Boys and a Guild for Girls were established.  These Guilds were to take the place of the Boy’s Sodality and the Children of St Agnes.  At the beginning of Lent, there was a meeting of St Mary’s Guild at which meeting a large majority of the members decided that the Guild should be broken up and the money divided.  On October 25th the Holy League of the Sacred Heart of Jesus was established.

A Retreat was given to the Boys Guild and another was given to the Girls Guild.  Fr Grimston in bad health came here on febreary 14th.  He died on November 27th and was buried in our Cemetery on November 30th R.I.P

62 Infant Baptisms

62 Instructed in Sacraments

7046 Confessions    40 extra district

12 General Confessions

6178 Communions

1108 Easter Communions

33 Extreme Unctions

176 Confirmations

12 Marriages

18 Adult Deaths

17 Infant Deaths
A Mission was opened on the first Sunday in Lent (February 11th) by Father Humphrey.  He was assisted by Father Joseph Kenny.  It lasted a fortnight and was well attended.  The Bishop of the Diocese confirmed 176 Persons on the 4th Sunday after Easter (April 22nd).

The new Sacristy was fitted up with new Cupboards and several new Vestments (including 2 sets for High mass) were bought.  A New Ciborium, Missal etc were also purchased.

Two new Confessionals were build.  The old Confessional is to be converted into a Lady Chapel.  The latter was used this Christmas for the Crib.  A very beautiful Crib group was bought from Mayer & Co.

After an interval of about 11 years, there was High Mass at Midnight this Xmas.  There was a large and devout congregation.

In compliance with the wish of the Holy Father, there was Rosary, Sermon and Benediction every night during the month of October.

The usual Retreat was given to the Girls Guild before December 8th.

The exterior of the Church, House, School, Cemetery and Cottages was painted this year.

The Crib group cost £23.

The Confessionals cost about £256 (this has then been crossed out)

The 2 sets of High Mass vestments (made in Rome) cost about £195.

The Ciborium cost…………….

The Missal cost…………………

59 Infant Baptisms

84 Instructed in Sacraments

6000 Confessions    40 extra district

7 General Confessions

5519 Communions

935 Easter Communions

44 Extreme Unctions

8 Marriages

21 Adult Deaths

16 Infant Deaths

The number of Catholics who were abliged to leave the Town during the year in search of work, will have been one cause at least why the number of Confessions and Communions is smaller than last year.  During this year we began to have an Offertory at Mass and at Benediction on Holidays of Obligation.  Notice was also given that after 12 months the Bench Rents would be raised.  The Rosary was said on Sundays in place of Vespers and also on Holidays of Obligation, before Benediction.

The New Lady Chapel was opened on Sudnay September 21st.  Sermons by Fr W Sidgreaves and Fr Clare.  There was Rosary Instruction and Benediction every night during the month of October.  A Novena was made before the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of Our Blessed Lady.  This year was the 300th Anniversary of the establishment of the “Prima Primasae”.

There was Midnight Mass this Christmas.

On account of the bad times, it was announced at the end of this year that the proposed raising of the Bench Rents would be put off for the present.

The New Lady Chapel cost about £618.

No figures for 1885 or 1886.

53 Baptisms

417 Instructed in Sacraments

6770 Confessions

6000 Communions

1019 Easter Communions

24 Extreme Unctions

223 Confirmations

12 Marriages

No figure for deaths

6 new Stained glass windows were put into the Sanctuary.  Of these Colonel Trappes gave two and C. Trappes Esq one.  Mrs Lomax one, the remaining ones by collections.  In addition to the windows the collections helped considerably towards the thorough cleaning of the church – roof – walls, sanctuary, benches, confessionals and wood-work.

A Mission was given in November by Fr J.Clare S.J.  Great and good effects were produced, though many lagged behind.

Bishop Vaughn administered the Sacrament of Confirmation to 223.

Fr O’Donnell was replaced by Fr C Williams.

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