5th Sunday of Easter – 3rd May 2015

Dear Parishioners,

Today we welcome Fr Joseph Gee to the parish of Our Lady of the Valley and the beautiful Ribble Vale, wishing him a fruitful ministry and happiness over the coming couple of years. Next week Fr Joe will use this page to introduce himself.

At its last meeting, Parish Forum decided to hold a parish celebration in the Social Centre on the last Sunday of this month, 31st May, to acknowledge Fr Frankie and thank him for all he gave during his time with us and wish him well in his new appointment. The evening will begin at 7pm and will include entertainment, a buffet supper and a presentation.
In preparation Susan White is to compile a “memories” photo album for presentation to him. If you have a suitable photograph please hand it in at either Church or email it to signdesign69@hotmail.com Photos can also be what’s apped to 07791854159. Please include a personal caption; it would be nice to have some handwritten ones, perhaps written on the photo itself. Do make the photos as varied as possible: we don’t want a book full of Fr Frankie in various poses! The absolute cut-off date for entries is 20th May. It will be difficult to return actual pictures.
Maureen Mercer is to organise a Spiritual Bouquet, so start praying today! Carol and Harry Waterworth are to bake and decorate a special presentation cake and Margaret Donnelly is to arrange a financial collection. The event will be coordinated By Sam Smith, Geralyn Lambert, Susan White and Margaret Donnelly.
You may remember that a committee was appointed by the March Forum to look at the future of the Parish Draw. Their conclusion was that if it ain’t broke then don’t mend it! The two problems the Draw faces is the demise of many wonderful and loyal supporters over the past decade or so and that the annual contribution of £10 hadn’t risen over the past 18 years! So, it was decided to recruit new members and increase the annual one off payment to £20. With a membership of only 180 this would realise a monthly prize of £180. Also we require 10 agents to collect the annual fee. Would you like a harmless flutter that would improve the parish finances? Then here is the chance to do so by joining the parish Draw.
Forum also adopted the new structure of future meetings which will begin with tea and biscuits on arrival, a restricted agenda and will last for only one hour.

Finally, we have more of the Bishop Arnold prayer cards which are available in the sacristy.

Fr John

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