8th September 2019 – 23rd Sunday in Ordinary time

Making Life Simpler – Bookings for the Assembly Hall

The Old School Rooms and Assembly Hall has become a hugely popular venue in the Ribble Valley and provides excellent commercial opportunities for the Parish.  However, it remains at the core of Parish life, offering a valuable facility for Parish Groups (spiritual and social alike).  Amidst an increasingly busy diary, we need to ensure that:

Parish Groups can be confident that their bookings are confirmed and there are no last-minute alternations or cancellations.

There is clear notification and agreement when “external” events will impact Parish meetings such as Sunday morning tea/coffee.

How will this work?

At the request of the Parish Forum, a new booking system is being introduced and John Spencer has agreed to be the “link” for Parish Groups who wish to make bookings. The Club diary is now available to John on-line so that he can spot potential areas of conflict and to pre-book all Parish events.

This is a complex task as the Club already has bookings for 2019/20 which will impact Sunday mornings:

5th October (Saturday) – Music Festival

January/February – Major renovations, no events possible.

11th to 17th May – Beer Festival

What do Groups need to do?

Some events, such as Sunday tea/coffee and Wednesday evenings are “standing entries” in the diary, but it is essential that as soon as dates are planned, bookings are made through lunesdalebmw@gmail.com.  John can then advise if there are clashes or limitations.

What about private events?

Weddings, birthdays and other “private” events should be booked directly with Kevin to secure the preferred date.

The most important message for Parish and private events is:

Don’t wait – book today!



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