15th September 2019 – 24th Sunday in Ordinary time

Dear Parishioners,

As was discussed at the Parish Forum and at Mass in Dunsop Bridge,

the Saturday evening 6.30pm Mass in St Hubert’s will not be celebrated during the five winter months from the first weekend after All Saints in November, until the first weekend of April.

The Thursday 9.15am Mass will continue the year round and Mass will also be celebrated in St Hubert’s on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday.

Today is Home Mission Sunday,
a day on which we remember all engaging in sharing our faith, especially those working for the Home Mission Office that helps parishes engage in the vital mission of Evangelisation. This weekend, they ask for our prayers and our financial support through the second collection. Our prayers help them to be attentive to the Holy Spirit who directs their work, and our donations to the second collection will enable them to help parishes share the joy of the Gospel throughout England and Wales.  For more information visit www.homemission.org.uk

What can I personally do to help share our faith

  • Welcome Catholics in your local community who are not active in their faith to join you one Sunday for Mass
  • Welcome families with children starting school.
  • Invite family members or friends who haven’t been to church for a while to make a visit, particularly during difficult periods in their lives, especially when facing a bereavement.
  • On Sundays when children are attending First Communion preparation invite their parents to Coffee in the Hall and help them feel welcome.

    Fr John



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