30th May 2021 – Trinity Sunday

Today           Mass 12 (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge

Mass 5pm (Saturday) Clitheroe

Mass 9.30am Clitheroe

Mass 11am Sabden

Monday              Mass 10am Clitheroe

Tuesday               Mass 10am Clitheroe

Wednesday         Mass 10am Clitheroe

Thursday             Mass 10am Clitheroe

Friday                  Mass 10am Clitheroe

Sunday Corpus Christi

Mass 12 noon (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge

Mass 5pm (Saturday) Clitheroe

Mass 9.30am Clitheroe

Mass 11am Sabden


Jeremy Grout Smith, Rita & Frank Donbavand

Live Simply Thought of the Week:

If you have a garden you have a share of God’s good earth. So, if you can, leave a corner (the larger the better) undisturbed for insects, birds, amphibians and small mammals and pray to God they thrive. Also, could you make sure there are gaps in garden walls to act as wildlife corridors from one garden to another? Put a bell on the cat.

Laudato Si Week 2021

Please take the time to watch:

Critical Opportunities in 2021 to create change: call for an integral path. | Laudato Si Week Day 1



It has been hard for many people during the Covid restrictions to keep in touch with what is happening in the Parish and I’m sure that some people are feeling isolated.  The Communications and Media Group has been discussing ways of reaching out to people and we came up with the idea of  a Buddy System which we agreed at the last Parish Forum.

Please let us know of anybody (with their permission of course) who would welcome the odd ‘phone call to talk about Parish matters and have someone to contact for information.

We are also seeking names and contact details for people who would be prepared to act as the “Buddy”.

Please contact Anthony Brown on abrown.boggarts@googlemail.com or Janet Clegg on smsj@btinternet.com with your name and contact details if you would like to be part of this scheme and we will get back to you.


Offering a space for Christians to explore and deepen faith…

Seek ‘life in all its fullness’

CREATED & LED BY DONNA WORTHINGTON, all retreats are on invitation to be rejuvenated and affirmed in faith, to know Christ better and to open up sacred space in order to listen to the Holy Spirit and experience a living spirituality that consoles, challenges and inspires.  Varied methods enable Christians to deepen their own discipleship and travel on in their faith journeys (presentation, theological discussion, stillness, prayer, creative sessions, images, music etc).

Courses and training are also offered so individuals and groups can explore Scripture, prayer and faith’s themes and feel equipped to become prayer leaders in their own communities.

All retreats cost £20, unless otherwise stated.  For bookings, please see the website or contact Donna Worthington:



2021 – June – July

PETER, A DEEPLY HUMAN CHARACTER : We became alert to the spiritual dynamic in his journey in order to explore this path
Sat 12th June 2-5pm OR Mon 14th June 10am – 1pm

If people wish to, they may attend Part 2 of this retreat on Peter on Sunday 27th June 2 – 5pm

(REPEAT) THE PROBLEM OF EVIL:  This issue has caused many to question their faith.  We explore this from various angles in order to think the whole subject through, understand various approaches and see how this does not need to be an obstacle to faith.
Sat 23rd June 6.30pm – 9pm

THE HANDLESS WOMAN : Through the depths of an ancient story ‘The Handless Woman’, we will explore the wisdom which speaks to our heroic journeying.
Sat 24th July 10am – 1pm



“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” – Colossians 4:3

From Clitheroe Christians in Partnership, this is the latest theme for our prayer as a town and, we are praying for those in chains.

“Blessed and merciful Lord, some have lost their freedom and access to justice and we pray for all such, for their restoration and journey into faith through Christ.

Others have lost their freedom through injustice and persecution as they stand for the rights of common people – we lift up their plight to You.

We pray for the all those in unchecked power who oppress and silence the voices of those that seek freedom for all people; that their deeds will be made visible and they will be convicted of the cruelty of their abuse and find a pathway to God.”

Pray for the Light of Our Lord to shine in nations where freedom is currently restricted: MYANMAR, YEMEN, CHINA/HONG KONG, EGYPT, COLOMBIA, RUSSIA, ZIMBABWE, The PHILIPPINES, AFGHANISTAN and LIBYA.

For the victims of oppression, we pray this month for:

Nonoy Espina, chair of the national union of Journalists of the Philippines as he represents a free press and campaigns following the murders of 191 journalists since 1986. The mission of the NUoJ is to continue upholding press freedom; to protect journalists from attacks, threats, and harassment; and to organise media workers for better working conditions.

In 2010 a young Tunisian man Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in the town of Sidi Bouazizi in protest at mistreatment by the authorities. Pray for the work of the Truth and Dignity Commission, established in response to this tragedy, as it works to ensure justice against human rights violations in Tunisia.

For Ibrahim Ezz el-Din in Egypt, labelled as a terrorist in his campaign as a housing rights activist for the poor and homeless and kept in pre trial detention for thirteen months, tortured and suffering from ill health and depression. For Yu Wensheng an imprisoned Chinese Human Rights lawyer convicted at a secret trial to serve four years for inciting subversion of state power.

For the singer Yahaya Sharif-Aminu sentenced to death by the Upper Sharia Court in northern Nigeria for placing a song on WhatsApp that is allegedly blasphemous. Not permitted a lawyer at his trial, he has been able to lodge an appeal with help from the international human rights community.

For Tran Huynh Duy Thuc a Vietnamese business person imprisoned for sixteen years to be followed by five years house arrest for advocating social, educational, economic and democratic reform via the media of blogging.

Lord of all that is right, may they not become forgotten prisoners, may they be protected from torture, may they be sustained in captivity until their chains are broken and they are free at last.

Soul of Christ, sanctify them

Body of Christ, save them

Blood of Christ, inebriate them

Water from the side of Christ, wash over them

Passion of Christ, strengthen them

O good Jesus, hear us

Within thy wounds hide them

From the wicked foe defend them.


Entry from the Mixed School Log Book 1914

Jan 9 School reopened on Wednesday morning (Jan 7th) with a good attendance.  At this date Miss M Barrett returned to school.  The Rev’d Manager visited the school several times during the week.
  16 A fall in the attendance on Friday afternoon.  Rev’d Fr Keating visited the school and gave the usual Religious Instruction lesson on Wednesday morning.
  23 Attendance during the week lower than in the previous two weeks, as several children are suffering from colds
  21 I have examined the registers and found them correct
    Fr Robinson
  29 First term examinations commenced on Wednesday morning.
Feb 6 First term examinations continued during the week.
  13 First term examinations completed and results entered in the scheme books of the teachers of the various classes.  School visited on Tuesday morning by the nurse, who examined the hair of every child present.  School visited on Tuesday afternoon by Dr Musson (Chairman of the Education Committee) who questioned the 1st class on the geography of Canada
  20 Miss Cowgill absent all week through sickness.  Her class taught partly by the headmistress and partly by Miss Joyce.
  29 Miss Cowgill absent all week.  School visited on Thursday morning by the Rev’d J Nicholson.  The Rev’d Manager visited several times.
Mar 6 School visited on Friday by Dr Musson.  Miss Cowgill absent all week.
  13 School visited on Thursday morning by the Rev’d J Nicholson and the Rev’d Manager.  Some children absent on account of suffering from “mumps”.  Miss Cowgill absent all week.
  20 The Rev’d Manager visited the school several times during the week.  On Thursday morning the Rev’d J Nicholson visited and heart some of the 1st Class recite.  He also asked a few questions on the poem.
  27 Miss Cowgill absent all week.
Apr 3 School visited on Thursday morning by the Rev’d J Nicholson and the Rev’d Manager.  Several of the girls of the 1st class absent during the week.
  8 Received from the Clitheroe Education Committee two copies of Circular 833 and two copies of Circular 834 (History & Geo).  Miss Cowgill absent.  School closes for Easter.
  24 School reopened on Tuesday (21st) .Miss Cowgill absent all week.  Received copies of Form IX and the other forms to be filled at the end of the financial year.
May 1 Attendance during this week has been good.  Mr Thomas visited the school on Wednesday morning to examine the registers.
  8 Miss Cowgill returned to school this week.
  15 The Rev’d Manager visited during the week and on one occasion explains to the children the correct way of fixing the Union Jack.
  22 Holiday on Thursday being Ascension Day.
  29 School closed for Whitsuntide.
June 12 School reopened on Monday (June 8th)
  19 Good attendance during the early part of the week.  A thunder storm interfered with the attendance on Tuesday afternoon.  The Rev’d Manager visited several times during the week.
  26 Dr Barker visited the school to ask that notices be sent to several parents of children who are to be medically examined on Wednesday and Thursday next.
July 3 Holiday on Monday being the Feast of SS Peter & Paul.  Received on Tuesday, notice of the Religious Examination which is to be on July 17th.
  10 Standards I and II wrote the papers for the Second Term Examination.  A visit from Dr Musson on Monday.
  17 O this date the registers were not marked in the morning and a holiday was given in the afternoon (religious examination).
  21 Have examined the Registers and found them correct
  24 Last term examinations completed and results entered in scheme books of various classes.  School closed for Summer Vacation.
Aug 28 School reopened on August 25th (Tuesday).  Admitted from the Infant Department 15 boys and 26 girls.  Attendance during the week good.
Sept 4 Attendance good.  The children are working hard in their new Standards.
  11 The attendance still continues good.  Fr’s Keating and O Dwyer visited the school to give Religious Instruction on Wednesday
  18 A short visit from Mr Robinson on Wednesday morning.  School inspected by Mr Thomas on Thursday (19th)
  25 Holiday given on Monday.  Miss H Myerscough absent on Wednesday through sickness.  After a visit to the eye specialist several children sit in school idly and this has to continue form the 17th to the 29th
Oct 2 Children who have visited the eye specialist still unable to follow their lessons, because parents cannot afford to buy glasses for them.
  9 Have examined the Registers and have found them correct.
  16 The Rev’d Manager visited the school twice during the week and gave the usual religious instruction on Wednesday morning.
  23 Holiday on Thursday on account of the annual Cattle Fair held in

the town.

  30 The Clitheroe Education Committee presented each of the children of Standards VI and VII (37) with tickets to admit them to a lecture on “The Deeper Causes of the War” given by Ramsey Muir Esq.
Nov 6 Attendance during the week very good in most of the classes.  The Rev’d Manager visited several times.
  13 Holiday given on Monday at the request of the Mayor.  A decided fall in the attendance partly accounted for by the very inclement weather of Wednesday and Friday mornings.  Dr Barker examined several of the children.
  20 Attendance during the week improved.  The Rev’d Manager visited several times.
  27 School visited on Tuesday by the Rev’d Manager and the Rev’d Fr Dobson of London.  The latter was struck with the clean and healthy appearance of the children.
Dec 4 Mr Thornton of H.M.I.S. visited the school this afternoon and remained from 2.45 to four o’clock.  The following is a copy of the report of the Religious Inspection.
    “The religious training given in this school is of the very best standard and likely to bear excellent fruit in the after life of the children: the intelligent nature of their replies and their interest in their religious instruction strongly testify to the great care taken in their spiritual welfare.”
  11 The nurse visited the school on Tuesday to test the hearing of several of the children.  Attendance during the week very good, the average being 211.
  18 All children from Standard II upwards having ascertained their height, weight, chest measurement and length of pace, has entered the items on the last page of their Arithmetic exercise books.
  23 School closes for Christmas Vacation.


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