23rd May 2021 – Pentecost Sunday

23rd May 2021 – Pentecost Sunday

Today         Mass 12 (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge

                   Mass 5pm (Saturday) Clitheroe

                   Mass 9.30am Clitheroe

                   Mass 11am Sabden

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Tuesday            Mass 10am Clitheroe

Wednesday     Mass 10am Clitheroe

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Sunday              Mass 12 noon (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge

                          Mass 5pm (Saturday) Clitheroe

                          Mass 9.30am Clitheroe

                          Mass 11am Sabden


Congratulations to Joshua Roper and Maria Wilkinson who were  married last Friday here at St. Michael and St. John’s.

McGuire family x 2, Aiden McGuire, Rita & Frank Donbavan,
Helena Keane, Ada Graham

Helena Keane

Margaret Marsden, Ada Graham

Pastoral Letter for Pentecost 2021
It was the decision of the Bishops of England, Wales and Scotland to unite in promoting a Pastoral Letter for Pentecost Sunday which reads as follows:

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
The Solemnity of Pentecost reminds us that everything which exists, every person and the whole of creation, is a gift of “God the Father almighty, Creator of heaven and earth.” God our loving Father creates and continues to give life to the world through His Word, Jesus Christ, in the power of His Holy Spirit. The outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the Church, which we celebrate at Pentecost, is not something separate from Creation. God’s revelation of himself in Creation is inseparable from the revelation of his love for us in Christ and in his desire to live in us through his Holy Spirit.

God’s revelation of himself in Creation
‘God’s Spirit is always and everywhere “the Lord, the Giver of Life”, and the voice of Pentecost is echoed in the voice of creation being transformed into the glorious liberty of God’s children.’  In this liberty, as God’s children, we call on the Spirit to ‘renew the face of the Earth’, and as his children, we are called, in turn, to use this liberty for the good of creation and for the good of all that brings life. Our world, God’s creation, is a precious gift to us. It is our common home entrusted to each generation. But how have we used that glorious liberty? How do we honour this precious gift? Are we really demonstrating love, care and respect for our common home?

Interconnected and interdependent
As we celebrate Pentecost this year, we are acutely aware of the damage that continues to be inflicted on the Earth, and the repercussions for the well-being of our brothers and sisters, both here in our own countries and, more especially, in the poorest countries of our world. Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis have both taught us that everything is interconnected and interdependent. The way we live our everyday lives has an impact on everyone and on the earth.

The urgency of the situation, and the enormity of the challenges we face, have spurred us to speak out together this Pentecost Sunday, as bishops of England, Wales and Scotland, about the role that the Catholic Church and our faith must play in our shared care for God’s gift to us.

Unsustainable consumption
For all too long we have either been ignorant of, or ignored, the systematic exploitation of our planet and the unsustainable consumption of its resources. While accepting the crucial need and demand for energy for the benefit of the poorest of our brothers and sisters, the provision of our energy must, nonetheless, be by means which radically reduce the use of carbon-based fuels.

In our political thinking, there must be a new global understanding of our world, where nations recognise our common responsibility for the dignity of all people and their rights to sustainable livelihoods, in authentic freedom. Pope Francis speaks of a global politics that looks beyond our own needs to the needs of all, most especially the poor and the marginalised.

Restoring our common home
But we cannot leave the healing of our common home and the wellbeing and care of our brothers and sisters merely to a response from industry and governments. Our own local concern and action is necessary and has far-reaching consequences. We all have a part to play, each and every one of us, in the routines, choices and decisions of our everyday lives and our aspirations for the future. The actions of parishes, families, schools, and individuals will have a significant impact on our efforts to restore our common home. There are now many resources, freely available, to advise us on our choice of food, saving of water and electricity, suggestions about travel, waste, and re-use. These are measures that everyone can employ, in some degree, with minimal inconvenience and change. They are effective ways in which we can each reaffirm our personal vocation to be stewards of creation.

G7 and COP26
This Pentecost comes at a time of remarkable challenge and opportunity. We are gradually emerging from the tragedies and restrictions of the pandemic. We have the ability to make changes. Our countries are also hosting two most important meetings this year, the G7 in June and COP26 in November. These meetings will gather together men and women who have the power to make defining choices and policies which will help us build back better, provide for our brothers and sisters, and take care of our common home.

In all our human endeavours, we need the presence of the Holy Spirit, “the Lord, the Giver of Life”, whose gift to the Church and the world we celebrate again at Pentecost. Let us keep this Feast with that enduring hope that we can begin to repair the damage we have done and provide a healthy home for future generations. Our hope will be strengthened by our prayer. May our constant request be that the Holy Spirit guide us, strengthen our resolve and ‘renew the face of the earth’.

Stay with us, Lord, on our journey.
Yours devotedly,
+John Arnold Bishop of Salford

As we return to Ordinary Time after Pentecost, the Department for Formation is pleased to offer four online evenings on the Gospel according to Mark.

Wednesday 26 May 2021 – Mark Time – some of the main themes and ideas to look out for in our Sunday Gospels over the coming weeks and months (with Fr Christopher Lough)

Wednesday 2 June 2021 – The Humanity of Jesus in Mark (with Fr Eamonn Mulcahy CSSp)

Wednesday 9 June 2021 – The Disciples in Mark (with Fr Michael Deas)

Wednesday 16 June 2021 – The Little People in Mark (with Fr Michael Winstanley SDB)

Each presentation will be from 7.00 to 8.30 pm and will include time for discussion and questions. They are offered free of charge. To reserve a place on one or all the evenings and to receive the Zoom link in advance, please email:


Christian Heritage Centre Event – Faith & Reason: A Catholic Integration
A short, residential summer course exploring the relationship of faith with philosophy, science and culture. Particularly helpful for catechists and teachers fielding commonly-asked questions around Catholicism, besides anyone wanting to deepen their understanding of the Faith. Runs 5th – 8th August. For more info and registration, https://christianheritagecentre.com/events/faith-and-reason/

If you would like to have a child baptised then please contact Fr. Paul.

Zoom into our Laudato Si’ Meeting, Tuesday 25th May, 2.00 pm

Caring for the environment has always been a key part of Catholic Social Teaching but since Pope Francis’s encyclical Laudato Si’ (On Care for Our Common Home) in 2015 there has been a huge raise in awareness of environmental issues from both a secular and Christian perspective.

As things promise to return to normal the Laudato Si’ (Live Simply) Group has arranged a special meeting with the Heads of the three primary schools and Bob Turner of Cambodia Craft.  Bob has been responsible for leading environmental projects in diocesan schools.  We are fast approaching the end of the school year and want to get something in place before the summer break.

We also need to revive the rest of our Parish Live Simply Plan and head for the CAFOD Live Simply award.


  1. Apologies
  2. Action arising
  3. Laudato Si updates from the Diocese, CBCEW and CAFOD
  4. Environmental Input update from Bob Turner of Cambodia Craft
  5. Thoughts from the primary schools
  6. Plan of Church Grounds for environmental projects
  7. Progress on the Parish Laudato Si (Live Simply) Plan
  8. AOB
  9. Date and time of next meeting

Join Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 965 5418 7982 Passcode: 188324


It has been hard for many people during the Covid restrictions to keep in touch with what is happening in the Parish and I’m sure that some people are feeling isolated.  The Communications and Media Group has been discussing ways of reaching out to people and we came up with the idea of  a Buddy System which we agreed at the last Parish Forum.

Please let us know of anybody (with their permission of course) who would welcome the odd ‘phone call to talk about Parish matters and have someone to contact for information.

We are also seeking names and contact details for people who would be prepared to act as the “Buddy”.

Please contact Anthony Brown on abrown.boggarts@googlemail.com or Janet Clegg on smsj@btinternet.com with your name and contact details if you would like to be part of this scheme and we will get back to you.


Offering a space for Christians to explore and deepen faith…

Seek ‘life in all its fullness’

CREATED & LED BY DONNA WORTHINGTON, all retreats are an invitation to be rejuvenated and affirmed in faith, to know Christ better and to open up sacred space in order to listen to the Holy Spirit and experience a living spirituality that consoles, challenges and inspires.  Varied methods enable Christians to deepen their own discipleship and travel on in their faith journeys (presentation, theological discussion, stillness, prayer, creative sessions, images, music etc).

Courses and training are also offered so individuals and groups can explore Scripture, prayer and faith’s themes and feel equipped to become prayer leaders in their own communities.

All retreats cost £20, unless otherwise stated.  For bookings, please see the website or contact Donna Worthington:


2021 – June – July

PETER, A DEEPLY HUMAN CHARACTER : We became alert to the spiritual dynamic in his journey in order to explore this path

Sat 12th June 2-5pm OR Mon 14th June 10am – 1pm

If people wish to, they may attend Part 2 of this retreat on Peter on Sunday 27th June 2 – 5pm

(REPEAT) THE PROBLEM OF EVIL:  This issue has caused many to question their faith.  We explore this from various angles in order to think the whole subject through, understand various approaches and see how this does not need to be an obstacle to faith.

Sat 23rd June 6.30pm – 9pm

THE HANDLESS WOMAN : Through the depths of an ancient story ‘The Handless Woman’, we will explore the wisdom which speaks to our heroic journeying.

Sat 24th July 10am – 1pm



“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” – Colossians 4:3

From Clitheroe Christians in Partnership, this is the latest theme for our prayer as a town and, we are praying for those in chains.

“Blessed and merciful Lord, some have lost their freedom and access to justice and we pray for all such, for their restoration and journey into faith through Christ. Others have lost their freedom through injustice and persecution as they stand for the rights of common people – we lift up their plight to You.

We pray for the all those in unchecked power who oppress and silence the voices of those that seek freedom for all people; that their deeds will be made visible and they will be convicted of the cruelty of their abuse and find a pathway to God.”

Pray for the Light of Our Lord to shine in nations where freedom is currently restricted: MYANMAR, YEMEN, CHINA/HONG KONG, EGYPT, COLOMBIA, RUSSIA, ZIMBABWE, The PHILIPPINES, AFGHANISTAN and LIBYA.

For the victims of oppression, we pray this month for:

Nonoy Espina, chair of the national union of Journalists of the Philippines as he represents a free press and campaigns following the murders of 191 journalists since 1986. The mission of the NUoJ is to continue upholding press freedom; to protect journalists from attacks, threats, and harassment; and to organise media workers for better working conditions.

In 2010 a young Tunisian man Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire in the town of Sidi Bouazizi in protest at mistreatment by the authorities. Pray for the work of the Truth and Dignity Commission, established in response to this tragedy, as it works to ensure justice against human rights violations in Tunisia.

For Ibrahim Ezz el-Din in Egypt, labelled as a terrorist in his campaign as a housing rights activist for the poor and homeless and kept in pre trial detention for thirteen months, tortured and suffering from ill health and depression. For Yu Wensheng an imprisoned Chinese Human Rights lawyer convicted at a secret trial to serve four years for inciting subversion of state power.

For the singer Yahaya Sharif-Aminu sentenced to death by the Upper Sharia Court in northern Nigeria for placing a song on WhatsApp that is allegedly blasphemous. Not permitted a lawyer at his trial, he has been able to lodge an appeal with help from the international human rights community.

For Tran Huynh Duy Thuc a Vietnamese business person imprisoned for sixteen years to be followed by five years house arrest for advocating social, educational, economic and democratic reform via the media of blogging.

Lord of all that is right, may they not become forgotten prisoners, may they be protected from torture, may they be sustained in captivity until their chains are broken and they are free at last. 

Soul of Christ, sanctify them

Body of Christ, save them

Blood of Christ, inebriate them

Water from the side of Christ, wash over them

Passion of Christ, strengthen them

O good Jesus, hear us

Within thy wounds hide them

From the wicked foe defend them.



This month we will be joining with Christians in over 170 countries, and from within 80 different traditions, in the Thy Kingdom Come prayer movement. We are invited to pray during the eleven days from Ascension to Pentecost i.e. between Thursday 13th – Sunday 23rd May. We are inviting all Christians in our community to enter into Thy Kingdom Come in the hope that friends, family, neighbours and colleagues may come to faith in Jesus Christ.

During the 11 days of Thy Kingdom Come, the focus will be on:
• Deepening our relationship with Jesus Christ
• Praying for five friends or family to come to, or be restored to, faith in Jesus
• Praying for the empowerment of the Spirit that we would be effective in our witness.

Further information, including prayer helps can be found in the links within the attached documents.


Monday May 17th – detached youth work/ youth social in the castle park, 6:30pm. Meet Lucy and Chris at the park for fun and a space to freely hang out and talk about things. This is an invitation for all young people in our churches.

Monday May 24th – next RVY Livestream, 7pm on the YouTube channel.

Please feel free to bring this information to the attention of your congregations as you wish.

Graphics in PDF and jpg form are attached if you would like to use them.

As always, if you have anything you would like to publicise on through RVY please get in touch with Chris or Lucy.






15 Attendance good considering the severe cold weather.  Admitted one new child.  Miss Emma Wilsow came to supply for her sister, who is to take Miss Bilsborough’s place.
  22 Average attendance this week 79.  Admitted two new children – John Charles and Gilbert Nield have returned to Blackburn.  Mistress alone this week the assistant being ill.
  29 Average 74.  Admitted one new child.  Mistress still alone.
February 5 No school this week owing to  an epidemic of Influenza.
  12 One new child admitted on Monday.  Average attendance for the week 81.  Miss Wilsow, who was to have began duties on Monday, is delayed another week through sickness.
  19 Average attendance 69.  Holiday given on Wednesday afternoon owing to a very heavy fall of snow during the morning.  Attendance for the rest of the week was very poor, the numbers reaching only 64.  Reverend Manager visited school on Tuesday afternoon and Fr Swift on Friday.
  26 Average this week 81.  There are several away still through sickness – 2nd class have made great improvement in Writing.  Rev’d Manager visited on Thursday morning.
March 4 Average 86.  A quantity of wool and calico obtained on Monday.  Gave a lesson in paper folding on different forms – many of them were accurately done.  Miss Wilsow began duties on Monday.
  11 Average this week 76.  Holiday given on Thursday morning.  A lesson given on Paper Folding on Wednesday in which the children took great interest.  Rev’d Manager visited several times, and on Friday watched the drill.
  14 Visited this department without notice.  Tested attendance and registers found everything correct 80 present and marker.
    Manager John Hartell
  18 Visited the school today.  School registers correct.
    Average attendance 79.  Only 41 present on Tuesday morning owing to a heavy fall of snow.  Gave a drawing copy on Friday to be produced on paper, which the children did very neatly, whilst the girls were examined in sewing.
  25 Attendance improved.  Average 93.  Rev’d J Hartell visited school on Wednesday accompanied by two priests.  Several children still at home with colds.
April 1st Attendance very tood average being 102.  Several of the 2nd class finished their specimens of sewing.  Rev’d J Hartell visited school several times.  Admitted two new scholars.
  8 Two new scholars admitted.  Average attendance 109.  Received a supply of pencils etc on Friday.  Rev’d Manager visited on Friday afternoon, and watched part of the drill.
  14 Attendance continues good – average 102.  Sewing of 2nd class much better.  One boy has left the town and gone to Burnley.  Holiday from Thursday to Tuesday morning for Easter holidays.
  22 Average attendance 104.  Rev’d J.Hartell visited school on Thursday, and brought in notice of Examination which takes place on May 25th.
  29 Average attendance 105.  School visited by Rev’d Manager accompanied by Fr Huggins.  Needlework very much improved.
May 6 Average attendance for the 1st week of the new school year is 78.  Admitted 5 new scholars.  Three of the 1st class are still away through sickness.  Rev’d Manager visited school several times.
  13 Two scholars left for America.  Attendance for the week very good.  Fr J Hartell visited and watched drill on Friday.
  20 Average attendance this week 74.  Needlework in 1st class was very well done.  On Wednesday Rev’d Manager visited on Monday and heard Recitation of 1st class.
    List of Lessons for 1892 – 93
    1st Class
Objects   Coins, Leather, Wood, Coal, Candle, Sugar, Tea, Potato, Orange Turnip, Uses of water, Tin Cruet, Trees, Glass, Clock-face, Glass, Umbrella, Kindness to animals.  Rain
Animals   Lion, Whale, Goat, Sheep, Dog, Horse, Camel, Mouse, Bee
Employments   Postman, Carpenter, Sheep-washing and Shearing, Haymaking.
    Form and Colour
    2nd Class
Objects   Trees, Cherries, Baskets, Boots, Watches, Barrow, Furniture of a House, Cup & Saucer, Stable, Sponge, Fenders, Thimble, Lamp, Railway Train, Mirror, Paper
Animals   Cow, Cat, Elephant, Cock, Ostrich, Bear, Pigeon, Horse, Pig
Employments   Grocer’s Shop, Tailor, Shoemaker,
May 27 Visited this department without notice.  Examined and tested Registers and attendance, found everything correct.  60 present and marked 59, one being a little visitor.  Manager John Hartell
    Average attendance 77.  Annual Exam held on Tuesday and Wednesday – 125 children to be presented – actually present 113 sever of them being away ill.  Children of six years transferred to the Boys’ and Girls’ departments.
June 3 School closes today for a week for Whitsuntide.  Admitted seven new scholars.  Average attendance 80.  Fr J.Hartell visited school several times.
  17 Average attendance 88.  Holiday on Thursday it being a Feast of the Church.  Admitted eight new scholars.  Mistress alone this week, Miss Wilsow being ill.
  25 Average attendance 81.  Miss Bramley is supplying the place of Miss Wilsow who is still ill.  Rev’d J Hartell visited school several times.
July 6 Holiday on Wednesday it being a Feast of the Church.  Average attendance 81.  Admitted two new scholars.  Rev’d J Hartell visited on Thursday morning.
  6 The Annual Report came today of which the following is a copy.
    Infants School
    “The Infants’ school has made a clear advance in efficiency this year.  Both at the examination and at a recent visit without notice I found good order and on the whole careful teaching.  The work of the first class deserves much praise throughout.  The grouping of the youngest children with the second class is not altogether satisfactory for either, but the Teacher in charge is on the whole managing the two successfully.”
    The staff of the Infants’ School should be at once strengthened so as to meet the requirements of Article 73 which are not at present satisfied. (Article 108).  Manager John Hartell .


Staff for the present year

    Mistress – Jane Alice Birch


Assistant – Clara Wilsow

Manager – John Hartell

July 7 Average 79.  School closes today for a month’s holiday.
August 12 School reopened on Monday.  Attendance poor owing to wet weather.  Father Swift visited school several times,  Admitted six new scholars.
  18 Visited this department without notice found everything correct, tested registers and attendance, 87 were present and marked. Manager John Hartell
  19 Average attendance 83.  Admitted five new scholars.  Rev’d J.Hartell visited on Thursday & Friday.  Mary Walker, Candidate on probation, commenced teaching on Monday.
September 2 Rev’d Father Swift visited school daily.  Average attendance 78, the decrease being the result of a very wet week. Many of the girls have learnt how to kniw and the boys are drawing fairly.
  9 Average attendance 85.  Children of 1st class improved in reading during the last fortnight.  Rev’d J Swift visited school several times.
  16 Attendance continues about the same.  Rev’d F Cullen visited on Wednesday accompanied by fr Brindle.  Boys trying hart with their drawing.
  23 Average attendance 90.  Rev’d F Williams visited school on Wednesday morning.  First lesson in Paper Folding given to 1st class this week.
  30 Average attendance 85.  Rev’d F Hartell visited school on Friday morning and afternoon.  Taught a new song “I’ll be a carpenter”.  Reading of 2nd class much improved.
October 7 Attendance not good, average 83.  Rev’d Manager visited several times.  Admitted one new child.  Several children away through sickness.
  14 Register not marked on Wednesday morning, it being the Religious Examination.  Holiday given in the afternoon.  Owing to very heavy rain there were only 45 present on Friday.  Rev’d Manager visited school several times.
  19 School visited by Rev’d F Swift on Monday.  Holiday on Thursday and Friday the Cattle Fair being held in the town.  Admitted one new child.  Average 95.
  28 Average attendance 70.  Several of the children away with colds.  Visiting of 1st class greatly improved.  Rev’sd Manager visited school several times.  Obtained a new drawing chart and two pictures – “The Laundry” and “Bakery”.
November 4 Average attendance 76.  Rev’d J Hartell visited on Thursday afternoon and gave mental arithmetic for quarter of an hour to 1st class.  Reading of 2nd class is much better.  Holiday on Thursday afternoon it being a Feast of the Church.
  11 Half holiday on Wednesday at the request of the new Mayor.  Average attendance 82.  Admitted two new scholars.
  18 A supply of pencils, drawing books to be obtained.  Average attendance 87.  Several o the children away with mumps.
  25 Average attendance 93.  Admitted four new scholars.  Rev’d J Hartell visited on Thursday afternoon.  1st class boys drew very nicely on Wednesday.  Children sang very well for Mr Green on Thursday.
December 2 Visited this department without notice tested and examined attendance and registers, found everything correct.  93 present and marked.  Manager John Hartell.


Average attendance 92.  Miss Higginson visited school on Tuesday morning – writing of 1st and 2nd class much better.




Average attendance 72.  The decrease is owing to very bad weather, and the slippery state of the roads.  Many of the 1st class girls have begun their examination knitting.
  16 Average attendance 82.  Admitted one new scholar.  The lesson on paper folding was very well done on Monday afternoon.
  22 Average 87.  Admitted one new child.  School closes today for two weeks for Christmas Holidays.


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