Pentecost Sunday – 24th May 2015

Dear Parishioners,

Due to the high demand for tickets to attend Fr Frankie’s farewell celebration both by parishioners and non-parishioners alike, those wishing to bring children and the capacity of the Parish Centre, which is restricted by Law to 200 people, I and the organising committee have had to perform some quick footwork. At the recent Parish Forum which decided to mark Fr Frankie’s departure, it was agreed that the event would not be for children (all of whom have attended farewell events organised by our three schools) but for parishioners alone to thank Fr Frankie for his service to them over the past almost two years. (The one exception are the children in the choir) As a result, on Thursday the following message was emailed around the parish and published on the parish notice board:
Fr. Frankie’s Social Evening: Because of the very high demand for tickets and to ensure that every ticket is a wanted ticket, Fr. John has decided that we must make a charge of £5 a ticket for the evening. Tickets must be paid for on receipt and will be on sale after all Masses this weekend, 23rd & 24th May. There will also be an opportunity to get tickets on Tues 26th May at the presbytery between 6.15pm and 7.00pm. If by any chance some tickets remain unsold, they will be available after Masses on 30th & 31st May. There will be a full buffet of cooked meats, salads etc. as well as entertainment and a presentation to Fr. Frankie. The evening is not for school aged children other than those providing the entertainment. We regret having to make these changes in arrangements but feel that it is necessary as we may not exceed 200 in the Social Centre at any one time.
Hopefully this measure will ensure that all parishioners who wish to attend will be able to do so and none will be left in the street breaking down the doors!

Please do support tomorrow’s sponsored walk. If you cannot walk then please consider baking to provide refreshments for the walkers, many of whom will have travelled a distance to join us.

Fr John


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