The Ascension – 28th May 2017

Dear Parishioners,

Today, we celebrate the feast of the Ascension which marks the end of the post-resurrection period during which our risen Lord was seen by the disciples. His last words, as we heard at Mass today, were a command to go out, preach his message and invite to baptism. This is the mission of the Church which continues throughout the world to this day.

When the first disciples set out to spread the message they had only one option, which is still the best, to meet and speak with people face to face. But times change and today we have an amazing number of ways in which we are able to communicate: printed word, broadcasting by TV, Radio, Film, and the new world of digital media. All can be employed to spread the Gospel message as they may also be used to promote false news, violence and hatred: the communications media may be used for good or evil. So, today, the feast of the Ascension, the Church observes Communications Sunday.

Particularly we are encouraged to pray for all who work in the field of Communications, that their one guiding principle is the truth and the truth alone.

A particular intention for prayer is for those responsible for communicating on behalf of the Catholic Church in this country through the Catholic Communications Network.

The Catholic Communications Network (CCN) is the media office of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales and seeks to support the Bishops in their task of communicating and defending faith.  The office is the central point for media enquiries and is a key resource for national and international media professionals. It also plays an important role in developing the public profile of the Church through word and image, online and offline. In addition to this, CCN works on carefully selected proactive campaigns to promote the Catholic Faith in public life such as the acclaimed Art of dying well.

Our own diocese has appointed its first professional communications manager: Rachel McGee is a practising Catholic, with a wide experience of the world of journalism and the communications world in general.

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                                                                               Fr John


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