First Sunday of Advent – 1st December 2013

Dear Parishioners,

Christmas isn’t far away and so here is a list of our Christmas week services to help you plan and pray your Christmas week.

Please note inside the Advent Service of Light that will be held next Sunday in St Michael & St John’s  at 4pm.

Thank you for your support of the Christmas Fayre yesterday and if you have not spent up then go to Sabden next Saturday.

Fr John

Saturday 21st Dec Clitheroe Exposition 11.00 – 12noon
Reconciliation 11.00 – 11.45am
Eucharistic Service 12noon
First Mass of Sunday 6.00pm
Sunday 22nd Dec Clitheroe Mass 9.30am
Sabden Mass 11.00am
Monday 23rd Dec Clitheroe Mass 9.00am
Tuesday 24th Dec Christmas Eve Clitheroe Reconciliation 11.00 – 12noon
Carols 5.30pm
Christmas Mass 6.00pm
Sabden Reconciliation 11.00 – 11.30am
Carols 7.30pm
Christmas Mass 8.00pm
Wednesday 25th Dec Christmas Day Clitheroe Christmas Mass 10.00am
Thursday 26th Dec St Stephen

(Boxing Day)

Clitheroe Mass 12noon
Friday 27th Dec St John the








Saturday 28th Dec Holy Innocents Clitheroe Exposition 11.00 – 12noon
Mass 12noon
First Mass of Sunday 6.00pm
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