CCP December Prayer Theme

The prayer theme to all those who are displaced/separated from home and family support.  We are focussing on the work of the Orthodox Maria Skobtsova House, in Calais where volunteers from different denominations work to feed, cloth and minister in the refugee/immigration camps  around northern France.  We should also pray for all those in authority who have to manage this ongoing problem.  Maria Skobtsova 20/12/1891—31/3/1945 known as Mother Maria St Mary of Paris, was a Russian noblewomen, poet, nun and member of the French Resistance in WW2, and canonised a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church.  The convent provided shelter for the Jews.  Eventually the house was closed down, Mother Maria and a priest Fr Dimitri together with Yuri and Sophia were arrested by the Gestapo.  Fr Dimitri and Yuri both died at the Dora concentration camp.  Mother Maria was sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp.  On Holy Saturday 1945 she was sent to the gas chamber reputedly taking the place of another.

Lost in the Lost, Calmer of the Waves, a Man of Sorrows acquainted with grief. We pray for all refugees in Calais over Christmas as they seek new life from desperation.

As they seek a place to call home,

As they seek protection from danger, hostility and violence,

As they confront barrier after barrier to simple freedom.

As they are haunted by uncertainty and fear for their loved ones.

Lord in Your Mercy may they see and feel You reaching out to them.

Lord in Your Mercy protect them.

Lord in Your Mercy uplift and empower those who lovingly minister to them,

Lord in Your Mercy show us a way to help.

Bless the work of Maria Skobtsova House as they bring love, warmth and sustencnce. To the displaced in your Holy Name, sharing the gift of the Christ-child. 

Lord Jesus, in Your Mercy, Hear Our Prayer

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