Camino to COP – A Great Big Thank You!

What an amazing coming together of all of the Churches and faiths around Clitheroe and Newton-in-Bowland. So many good people to thank. It’s probably a mistake to try and remember everyone from St. Michael’s and St. John’s who baked, shopped, prepared food, listened, talked, shared kindnesses and generally just said “what can I do?” Thankyou to those who started the donation ball rolling, to those whose soup fed a lot of cold and hungry people after a horrible wet and windy walk over Waddington Fell,  for the scores of packets of oatie goodness, to those for “manning the tea urn” and taking responsibility for securing the Hall, to those who did sterling work on the cleaning and furniture moving. For the kind offers to put people up and for help publicising the event. To all those who helped especially those who just mucked in. Finally, to Green Theory for the wonderful donation and  sterling work on the day. There were so many food donations and therefore the leftover food was distributed to Clitheroe & Clayton Food Banks, The Salvation Army, a Veterans Group, the Beavers, and the Cookery Club attached to the Food Bank.

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