The Assumption – August 14th 2016

Some comments from parishioners who joined the Salford Diocesan Pilgrimage to Lourdes two weeks ago…

“Just got to be there to really experience shared joy of Lourdes; there may be tears but it brings it home to you that we are a universal church.  We can speak different languages, have different skin colours and live in different countries but we are all part of the holy family of God.”

“Inspirational, special times – to see the future of our diocese, preaching at the Grotto.  To see Bishop Terence opening our Pilgrimage and being joined by Bishop John following his busy schedule in Poland.  To see Mark Paver preaching the Gospel, following his ordination to the diaconate”

“A very reflective & inspirational journey with our Parish Pilgrims amongst our Salford Diocese Family. An insightful & historic place where you feel even more able to hand everything over to God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit and Mary our Mother, wherever you go, whatever you choose to do and take part in, whoever you are with.  Special times, places and people.”

“Celebrating the joy of enthusiasm & hard work of all the volunteers and the young people who are our future. The joy of support they gave to the sick, disabled, elderly or anyone who might need  a helping hand.”

“Beautiful Door of Mercy, very special and inspiring to find the others, offering praise and thanksgiving wherever we may travel”.

“Lourdes is a glimpse of Heaven on Earth.”

“My thoughts and feelings, for different reasons; were very powerful. Summing up: to allow Mary our merciful Mother to accompany us through The Jubillee Door into God’s merciful light. My Pilgrimage of Thanksgiving this year.”

“Lightens peoples’ lives up, everyone so friendly, shaking hands with everyone, a very homely place.”

“Holy hour and journey in completing our Jubilee Passports – a perfect opportunity to spend time with God at the end of the day and reflect with our fellow diocesan pilgrims.”

“The love and kindness of God is felt all around you in the people you meet and the support of our Diocesan family is truly amazing.”

“You just have to be there to see it and feel it, you can’t express it.  I loved both of the torchlight processions; they felt different and it’s all just so special.”

Why not see for yourself next year?

Susan Fellows

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