8th March 2020 – Second Sunday of Lent


Our hearts have gone out to people forced from their homes by floods but when the misery is further afield, an emotional response may hardly register. In the world today there are around 70 million displaced persons who have fled their homes due to violent conflict. As the problem stretches out its tentacles the world responds not with sympathy but with fear and rejection. We can turn our heads but the early church fathers were clear about Jesus’ message. Giving to the poor is not an act of generosity but a repayment of resources that God had bestowed on all. Hanging on to what we’ve worked hard for comes naturally in a world where structural sin is endemic. We see no reason to blame ourselves for the circumstances of others. But when no-one is responsible everyone is.
From 2016 to 2018 we held a Refugee Day Out but in 2019 our leaders were unable to continue the work they had done with such devotion for three years. For 2020 we have a date of June 13 Giving a hundred or more refugees a day out does nothing to tackle a global problem but it does give a little something to those who desperately need a break from the routine of a life without work or money.
If you feel you can volunteer or perhaps even be part of the planning team please be in touch with Anthony Brown on 01200 422811 or at abrown.boggarts@gmail.com

Hope in the Future

Our next meeting will be in the Presbytery on 19 March at 7.30 when we will discuss ‘Living the Sunday Eucharist.’ A reminder of the questions posed by Bishop John will be printed in the newsletter next week. The meetings last approximately one hour and there is much thoughtful discussion which will help our reflections in Lent. Light refreshments will be served.

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