7th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 23 February 2014

Dear Parishioners

First, I apologise for the cancellation of the Parish Forum on Wednesday but a great number of the women, some with husbands in tow, went to the musical Jekyll & Hyde that evening. Unfortunately, I don’t have a free Wednesday evening until 9th April, so we shall then meet in Forum at 7.30pm in the Parish centre.

After four years effort and over £2,000 expenditure St Michael and John’s have both pedestrian and road signs (7 in total) directing visitors to the church. I thank Mike Bradley for the time, tenacity and frustration it cost him in pushing this project. Without him there wouldn’t be now and never would be any signage.

A number of parishioners have commented on the new bench cushions at the front of the church. The one criticism is that they are too deep. So a couple of more slender cushions, borrowed from Trinity Methodist, are at the front for you to compare both types and let me have your verdict.

In Sabden the new barrier has been erected and hopefully will safeguard parking for both church and hall.

This Tuesday the parish website committee meets in the Presbytery at 7.30pm. Our plan to re-launch the website has proved to be a slow process because we have too few volunteers. So, if you have any expertise or simply a keen interest in website composition then please do either contact me or turn up on Tuesday night.  Some time ago I also appealed to parish groups to send information and photos either by email or by written or typed copy. The result? You can guess.

As we are now two priests the Sacrament of Conformation will be administered in both Clitheroe and Sabden on the feast of Pentecost and First Holy communions will be received on Corpus Christi.

Pentecost Sunday, 8th June 2014

Sabden: Confirmation at the 11o’clock Sunday Mass.

Clitheroe: Confirmation will be conferred during a special service with no Mass at 11.30am. The usual Sunday morning Mass will be celebrated at 9.30am.

Corpus Christi, 22nd June 2014

Sabden: First Holy Communions will be received during the 11am Sunday Mass.

Clitheroe: There will be an extra Sunday Mass for First Communicants 11.30am, following the usual 9.30am Sunday Mass.

Fr John

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