6th Sunday of Easter – 25th May 2014

Dear Parishioners

Robert Calderisi, the author of “An Open Letter to Pope Benedict XVI from a Gay Catholic”, cannot be accused of being an uncritical friend of the Church. He was, however, the former director of the World Bank, the United Nations bank founded to combat world poverty. During a recent debate he is reported as saying “the Catholic Church has probably lifted more people out of poverty in more countries than any other organisation in human history”. Having worked in this sector for almost 30 years I can categorically assert that this could never have been done and wouldn’t continue to be done today without the work of our religious sisters (nuns) for whom Sr Renate appealed last weekend. Thank you for your extremely generous response of £666.74!

It is impossible to overestimate the importance of Pope Francis’ pilgrimage to the Holy Land. He will be accompanied by two non-Catholic friends from his Buenos Aires days, Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Imam Omar Abboud. The very presence of the Pope , a Rabbi and Muslim leader together will demonstrate that the three Abrahamic faiths can not only live in peace but also in friendship. The Head of the Eastern Orthodox Church, Patriarch Bartholomew will also travel to the Holy Land to meet with Pope Francis and further consolidate the improving relations between Western and Eastern Catholicism. Pope Francis has asked for prayer that his pilgrimage will promote peace in this troubled land.

The SVP, Knights and Women superbly organised the transport and the Healing Mass last Sunday afternoon along with the bakers who produced a wonderful variety of cakes for the tea party that followed. Of course, every mass is a healing mass, repairing the fractured areas of our lives and strengthening our relationship with God and each other. However, this Mass celebrated with our sick and infirm, during which they received their special sacrament of anointing, invoked God’s love and strength for them as they face the challenges that illness and infirmity bring. They were overjoyed to hear that in the future there will be two healing Masses each year, the next on Sunday 28th September.

And while thinking of cakes: bakers, please of your goodness, we need cakes this Bank Holiday for 3.30pm to provide tea for those who complete the Right to Life sponsored walk.

Enjoy the holiday.                                                      

Fr John

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