6th December 2020 – Second Sunday of Advent

From 5th December – The Week Ahead:-

Sunday Mass 12 noon (Saturday) in Dunsop Bridge
Mass 5pm (Saturday) in Clitheroe
Mass 9.30am in Clitheroe
Mass 11am in Sabden.
Monday Mass 10am in Clitheroe (St. Ambrose)
Tuesday Mass 10am in Clitheroe (The Immaculate Conception)
Wednesday Mass 10am in Clitheroe
                        Mass 7 pm in Sabden
Thursday Mass 10am in Clitheroe
Friday Mass 10am in Clitheroe
Saturday Mass 12 noon in Dunsop Bridge
Mass 5pm in Clitheroe
Sunday Mass 9.30am in Clitheroe
Mass 11am in Sabden

The Word This Week

Throughout the first three weeks of Advent our focus is very clearly on the Second Coming of the Lord – not so much on the run up to Christmas (until the last week). If we view Advent as a preparation for Christmas these readings will make little sense – and neither will the figure of John the Baptist who appears today: if it’s about the preparation for Christmas, then John the Baptist, preaching after Jesus was born, is a confusing figure: but his role is to preach to us, as he did of old, and to prepare us for the (second) coming of the Lord. Today we have a very graphic reference to the end of time and the Second Coming in the reading from Saint Peter; it is a frightening picture, and so the first reading offers tender words of comfort to help us understand who is coming, and why we should be ready to meet him.

Advent Resources

As you know, this year the Season of Advent will be different. To help our parishioners to build Church at Home, the Department for Formation have created a document of resources called Preparing the Way: Advent at Home.
via the Diocese website:

Advent at Home

We will be sharing weekly reflections, videos and resources on the website, social media and via the Wednesday bulletin in the coming weeks.

Kathleen Lakin, Joanna Berry, Carmelius Sheehy,
Joan Chew, Rita Donbavand

Cliff Astin, Andrew Dobson, Florence Buggie,
Ashfield Batts, Fr Francis Hannan SJ


Try having a zero-waste Christmas. The temptation is to overbuy food and drink – both because the shops will be shut for a couple of days and because we want to treat our loved ones. The best way to avoid this is to write out a meal plan, build a shopping list around it and stick to it. Let guests plate their own food up at the table and store leftovers carefully in reusable containers to eat over the next few days. Use fabric napkins at the table. If you need a tablecloth, use a cloth one. Make your own crackers, using recycled paper.


Don’t know what to get for Christmas presents? Buy a World Gift for Christmas and help to change the lives of those living in poverty. Please check out the following website:
World Gifts explained https://worldgifts.cafod.org.uk/pages/gifts-in-action



The usual Carols in the Castle event will not take place this year due to Covid19, but there will be a service online via YouTube and Facebook on Saturday 19th December at 6pm. More details next week


This month’s CCP prayer theme will focus on intercession for the various outreach activities taking place in our community during Advent. Let us pray for both the online event and physical events such as the Christingle services. Also, on Christmas Day the Salvation Army are planning to hold a meal for the lonely. Please pray for God’s wisdom in their planning, for protection, and a good atmosphere within the restrictions of social-distancing.
Let us pray that God will open the minds of many in our community so they will see the light of the gospel. May the Holy Spirit work His work, turning hearts back to Himself, and may there be fruit for eternity as a result of these outreach activities.
Let us also pray for God’s protection over His Church as we do our best to safely meet in our congregations during this time.
A. Meyer (chairman CCP)
Please see the Caritas Salford Advent appeal here:



At our Laudato Si’ meeting on Tuesday Dominic Aunger alerted us to the CAFOD Send a Message to the Brave initiative which was a humbling reminder of just how much some people are prepared to do for the rest of us. The Brave are human rights defenders and environmental activists across the world who are risking everything to defend our brothers and sisters and protect our common home. You can also look at the CAFOD website to view their latest petitions. In order to ensure our defenders receive their messages by Christmas, please ensure we receive Christmas cards sent by post before 7 December and send your online messages before 19 December.
Note that Monday 7 December is probably unrealistic for most people but online by 19 December will be fine


June 7 The inspection took place on Monday afternoon.
14 There has been holiday all week it being Whitsuntide.
The schedules were received on the 8th. 108 girls were presented, 107 passes in reading, 106 in writing, and 103 in arithmetic giving a percentage of 98.
21 Twenty-one girls admitted from Infants’ school.
28 3/6d received from guardians for 3 girls
2/2d paid to Manager for books sold.
29 Government report received to-day
Girls’ school. The girls’ school is a worthy companion to the boys’. There are a few more failures in the elementary subjects but these amount to only about two per cent, and the work throughout possesses the same qualities of accuracy, neatness and intelligence. The Needlework deserves special praise, so too does the discipline of the school, for the order is admirably kept, and the girls show a lively interest in their work. This school also fully deserves the excellent merit grant.
A.Dawson has passed well. She should be informed that she is now qualified under both articles 50 and 52. Manager John Hartell

Present staff
Mary Anne Baynes certificated 1st class
Martina Bramley (article 50)
Amy Dawson (articles 50 and 52)
Manager John Hartell

July 29 Visited this department without notice found 103 marked as present 105 were actually present but 2 of these had come late. Tested registers and found everything correct.
Manager John Hartell

Aug 2 School re-opened on Monday July 29th after a month’s holiday. The attendance has been good, the average being 100. 3/3d paid to Manager by Guardians for 1 girl.
9 Father Lea, our former Manager visited the school on Wednesday.
16 Schedule of workhouse children filled up with an insertion of the last secular and religious reports to be sent to Mrs Eastham
23 No school on Monday as it was a general holiday in the town.
30 A piano, that had become quite useless, has been made into a very useful work table.
Sept 6 12/1d paid to the Manager for books sold.
13 The rostrum was newly varnished this week.
20 Most of the children in Standard III have begun their garments for the next examination.
27 Notice was received a fortnight since, that the religious examination will take place on the 17th October.
Oct 4 11/4d received from Guardians for 9 girls.
11 The schools were warmed this week. The weather was very rough on Monday and the attendance poor in consequence.
18 The girls were examined in Religious Knowledge yesterday morning by the Rev.G.Richardson.
25 Amy Dawson received notice from the Liverpool Training College that she has passed 1st class in the scholarship examination and will be received as a student in January.
12/10d received from the workhouse for Ellen Foy and Margaret Parker; also 7/6d received from Mr Eastham for 5 girls.
No school today or yesterday as it is the annual fair.
30 Visited this school without notice. Examined visited the Registers found everything correct. 79 present, 78 marked, one having come too late to be marked.
Manager John Hartell
Nov 1 The average attendance this week is only 81 owing to the fair, wet weather and sickness.
8 Amy Dawson received, last Saturday, a beautifully bound volume of Tennyson’s Poems from the hands of Mrs Scott Coward Esquire
H.M. Chief Inspector, for having passed in the 1st class in ordinary subjects in her examination at the end of her apprenticeship in April 1889.
15 Gathering, stroking and setting into a band taught to Standard IV
22 The putting in of a gusset taught to Standard V
29 The girls of Standards IV, V, VII and VIII began the historical reading books having been through their ordinary readers.
Dec 6 A school Manager from Dutton visited the school on Tuesday.
13 During this week I have examined the three lower standards and find them all very well advanced for the time of the year.
20 The Christmas holidays began yesterday. Amy Dawson completed her engagement, yesterday as a pupil-teacher. She has given entire satisfaction throughout her apprenticeship both as a pupil and a teacher, and leaves to enter the Liverpool training College having obtained a 1st class scholarship. 11/1d received from Mrs Harrison for 6 girls.

Looking through the School Infants Log book back in May 1918 there were many cases of measles, followed in July by pupils absent from school due to influenza, followed in September by an outbreak of mumps.

July 5 Weekly average 103. Number on registers 148. Many children are absent from school suffering from influenza.
8 Only 85 present this morning. Fr Robinson visited also Mr Dewhurst. Schools closed today 4pm by Medical Authority owing to prevalence of influenza. They are to remain closed until July 19th. This is the date of the commencement of the Midsummer Vacation.
Aug 20 School re-opened this morning. Fr Robinson visited 44 children trans to std I
23 Fr Hulley visited this morning. No on registers 104 weekly average 91
30 Mr Dewhurst visited three times this week. Weekly average 89 No on Register 105
Sept 6 Fr Robinson visited twice this week. Mr Dewhurst paid his usual visits. Average attendance 84
13 Five cases of Mumps reported. These children are excluded for three weeks. Fr Robinson visited once this week. No on register 110, Weekly average 86
19 Nurse visited this morning and examined all the children present. She sent James Smith home because he had a ring work on his head.
20 Schools close today 4pm for two days.
25 Schools re-opened this morning only 71 children present. Fr Robinson visited.
27 Attendance this week is low. Weekly average 72. No on registers 114. Three children excluded by Medical Authority because they are suffering from ring-worm. Eight cases of mumps reported. The weather this week has been very wet. This has caused poor attendance. Pipes heated for the first time yesterday. Mr Dewhurst visited this morning and reported six more cases of mumps.
Oct 4 No on Register 115 Weekly average 79. Low attendance is due to wet weather and mumps.
11 Weekly average 71. More cases of mumps reported. Heavy rain each day has prevented many of the babies from attending. Mr Dewhurst visited as usual. Rev Fr Robinson visited twice this week. Two children left for Oldham.
18 Attendance still low on account of mumps. Another case reported this week. Number rolls 115. Weekly average 70
21 Only 61 children present this morning. Nurse visited. She weighed and measured entrants. This afternoon Dr Barker medically examined 16 of the Babies. Work in other classes proceeded as usual.
23 Mr Thomas H.M.I called this morning to examine Registers and Summary. Five more cases of mumps reported. Influenza is also prevalent. Attendance very low. About one half of the scholars in each class are absent.
25 Schools closed to-day 4pm for a fortnight by Medical Authority owing to prevalence of Mumps and Influenza.
Nov 11 Holiday given to-day at the request of the Mayor.
12 Holiday given today at the request of the Mayor, because of the Germans signing the Armistice.
13 Schools re-opened this morning at 9am. No on registers 115. Only 50 present. Schools closed at 4pm today by Medical Authority.
18 Children assembled at school this morning at 9am. 60 present. An order was received from the Medical Authority to dismiss them for another week because of the epidemic.
25 School re-opened this morning. Rev Fr Robinson visited also Mr Dewhurst.
29 Weekly average 78. No on register 115
Dec 6 Weekly average 82. Mr Dewhurst has paid his usual number of visits. Rev Manager visited three times. A collection was made in school this week for a contribution to St Dunstan’s Fund for the children of soldiers and sailors blinded in the War. Amount received 12/-
13 Rev Fr Robinson visited twice during this week. Weekly average 80.
20 Completed and sent in Monthly Returns. Schools closed to-day 4pm for Christmas vacation.

– On behalf of Sabden Baptist Church:

As you know each year we take it in turns to host the village Carol service – this year it is our turn and it is to take place on Sunday 20th December at 4 pm.
This year, due to the pandemic, we are to hold this service via Zoom. Since March we have had very successful Sunday morning services and we do hope that the village Carol Service will be a great success.
We ask that you encourage your fellowships to join along with as many children as possible – there will be a story about an inquisitive penguin! And, of course, favourite carols. If your fellowship wish to form a choir and sing a Carol that would be really wonderful – if so please contact me beforehand on 07894 982310. Unfortunately Santa cannot come as he and his reindeer are stuck in the frozen north – also they are in Lockdown as we are!
So, please join us for a memorable service – you can contact me via email for the required number and password.
See you soon.
May God bless you,
Liz (Elizabeth Briggs)

Our Lady of the Valley Parish

Christmas Masses 2020

Christmas Eve

12 noon Dunsop Bridge
3pm Clitheroe
5pm Clitheroe
7pm Clitheroe
6pm Sabden
8pm Sabden

Christmas Morning

8am Dunsop Bridge
10am Clitheroe

We have put on an extra Mass in each of our three churches this year because we will still be limited in the number that can be in the church for Mass. Previous guidelines will still need to be adhered to at all times. Fr. Ian Kelly has very kindly offered to help us out.
There is still no obligation to attend Mass, and as Christmas continues to be celebrated after the 25th, perhaps you might consider coming to one of the Masses between Christmas and 1st January which is the Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God.
It is important that we continue to keep safe and well, and help others to do the same.

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