3rd Sunday in Ordinary time – 22nd January 2017

Pause for Hope—a prayer initiative against cancer

 I am sure that practically all of us have been affected by cancer, whether it be a close relative, friend or acquaintance, or perhaps even yourself.

Professor Ray Donnelly MBE is a retired surgeon who in 1990 founded a cancer charity which became the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation of which he is the current President. In 1999 he brought together many of the cancer charities in Merseyside for a day of prayer for those affected by cancer entitled “Pause for Hope”. They developed the initiative, the highlight of which is an annual service in one of Liverpool’s two cathedrals.

Pause for Hope works:

  • to encourage prayer that the day will quickly come when all cancers can be prevented or cured
  • to bring together in prayer those affected by all forms of cancer, their loved ones and carers
  • to remember dear ones lost to cancer
  • to pray for those with responsibility for providing and allocating resources required in the investigation, treatment and care of patients with cancer
  • to help those affected to understand the Christian value of suffering and the great power of the prayers of the sick and those who look after them.
  • to help those who don’t have cancer but have a great fear of the disease
  • to reach out to those who are at home or in hospital as patients or carers and unable to attend the Pause for Hope services.

This service is open to all dominations and faiths as well as those of little or no religious faith.

I attended this annual service in the Cathedral of Christ the King, Liverpool.  We were welcomed by Bishop Tom Williams, the auxiliary Bishop of Liverpool, then Monsignor Peter Cookson, who has fought cancer for many years, read his own prayer.

This was followed by prayers and readings by various representatives of different organisations involved with cancer. The prayers were intermixed with hymns and songs by the Birkenhead Operatic Society and a family trio.

I would very much like to have a Pause for Hope event in the Ribble Valley, where everyone could attend and take part and maybe find some solace and comfort.  Would it be possible to form a group in the hope of organising such an event?  If you are interested, please contact me, Carol Riley.  Tel. 01200 426769 or e-mail: cariley.t21@btinternet.com

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