29th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 19th October 2014

Dear Parishioners,
In today’s Gospel we hear that Jesus didn’t carry money in his purse. So, when asked a question about paying taxes to the occupying Romans he asked to see the coin with which the tax was paid. He knew it would be a Roman coin! A clever move. But of interest today, World Mission Sunday, is the detail that Jesus was empty-handed as he preached his message to the Jews. So, he commanded his disciples to go out to the whole world and rely on the generosity of others, just as missionaries today leave everything to go and share their faith, often with people living in poverty. Today we are asked to remember missionaries in our prayers and to support them by giving to the retiring collection.
Last week our First Communion children began their preparation which will help them over the coming months to grow in the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ. Today they and their parents publically commit themselves to this programme that will lead them through First Reconciliation (Confession), Confirmation and on to First Holy Communion. Please remember them and their parents in your prayers.

You may notice in the procession to the altar that we have what appears to be a new and rather splendid Book of the Gospels. In fact, it is the old one that was beginning to fall apart but now has been beautifully restored and rebound at the expense of an anonymous donor.

In the recent Parish Forum it was decided that families be invited to take up the offertory gifts at Sunday Mass. So, if you and your family are invited to present the gifts then please don’t be shy.
Also at Forum Barbara Mason introduced a five day Parish Mission to help us prepare for Advent. Beginning on the feast of Christ the King, Sunday 23rd November, it will run each evening from 7.30 to 9pm until Friday. Please do consider joining us and pencil the dates in your diary. Full details will be published later.

I gather that quite a number of parishioners wrote objecting to a proposed generic chaplaincy service in NHS hospitals. The replies received may not have directly addressed the writers concerns but show that they have been noted. Such letters do matter.

The war memorial in St Michael & John’s is to be renovated by Peter White and two names will be added: Edward Snape from WWI and David Moon killed in Northern Ireland in 1972. RIP

Fr John

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