29th Sunday in Ordinary time – 18th October 2015

World Mission Sunday

Today Pope Francis invites all Catholics to contribute to a special collection for Missio, his official charity for overseas mission. Your prayers and donations today will support the work of missionaries and mission churches like the church in Mongolia, as they share faith, build churches and provide healthcare and education, often in difficult and dangerous environments. The World Mission Sunday collection supports mission projects worldwide that bring God’s love and message of dignity for all. Please give what you can, and if possible, please use the Gift Aid envelopes if you are a taxpayer. Every gift makes a real difference to people living in poverty who are yearning to hear the Good News of God’s love for them.


There are more slaves today than at any time in history. It is impossible to accurately estimate numbers but the figure has been put at around 30 million worldwide. These are people held captive through threat of violence to self or family, or in debt bondage. They are slaves in the most literal sense of the word.

In the UK there are an estimated 15,000 slaves, many trafficked from Eastern Europe, Nigeria and China. In Lancashire the Police target brothels, nail bars, car washes, places where migrants work, and anywhere brought to their attention by observant members of the public.

For Anti-Slavery Week locally, we are working with Lancashire Constabulary, Epiphany Trust, The Medaille Trust, Clitheroe Citizens in Partnership, Caritas Salford and Salford Diocese Education Department to do everything we can to raise awareness. Below are some specific events to raise money and awareness.

On October 23, Question Time on trafficking at St Michael and St John’s Parish Hall, Clitheroe, with Lord Alton of Liverpool, Mike Emberson, Project Director of the Medaille Trust; Sue Cawley, Head of Public Protection, Lancashire Constabulary; Hannah Flint, Regional Development Executive, the International Justice Mission, and Mark Wiggin of Caritas Salford (Chair).

On October 24, Chicago gospel singer Elsa Harris at the Grand in Clitheroe. Elsa sings songs from her album telling the story of slavery and the evolution of spiritual songs.

Also on October 24 Gemma Frankland does a sponsored sky dive for the Medaille Trust.

For details contact Anthony Brown on 01200 422811 or a.brown@caritassalford.org.uk

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