1st November 2020 – All Saints

The week ahead:-

Sunday Mass  All Saints Day

Dunsop Bridge   12 noon Saturday

Clitheroe              5pm Saturday & 9.30am Sunday

Sabden                 11am Sunday


 10am Monday – Friday in Clitheroe

7pm Wednesday in Sabden


Mass on Monday for All Souls Day

Sabden                 9.00am

Clitheroe              10.00am

Dunsop Bridge   12 noon.

Tuesday St Hubert
As it is St. Hubert’s feast day on Tuesday, I will celebrate a Mass at 12 noon in our church in Dunsop Bridge which is of course dedicated to St. Hubert.

Hubertus or Hubert (c. 656 – 30 May 727) was a Christian saint who became the first bishop of Liège in 708 AD. He was the patron saint of hunters, mathematicians, opticians, and metalworkers. Known as the “Apostle of the Ardennes”, he was called upon, until the early 20th century, to cure rabies through the use of the traditional St Hubert’s Key.

All Saints:

This weekend we celebrate the great feast of All Saints, a day for us to look back, look at our present situation, and look to our future.

We celebrate all those who now live with God in heaven. We give thanks for their love and example and we ask for their prayers, and hope that we will be given the grace to one day be united with them in eternity.

We are all called to be saints, and today we pray that all these holy men and women will guide us as we continue to do our best to serve Christ in all things.

All Souls:

Monday 2nd November is the Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed, All Souls Day. There will be a Mass in each of our three churches on Monday to give us the opportunity to come together and remember all the faithful departed that they will receive from Christ gentle mercy, rest for their souls and eternal peace.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace. Amen.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God,

rest in peace. Amen.


Margaret Campbell of Highbrake (previously Railway View Road) aged 93
Eileen Allen aged 83 years

The SVP would like to thank the parishioner who donated the Smart TV after the appeal we made last weekend.


We have not been able to have a collection since November  2019 and Fr Paul has given us permission to hold one before Christmas. There will be SVP Collection boxes as you leave church after each Mass for two weeks starting on Monday 2nd November. This will also take place at Sabden and Dunsop Bridge so everyone will have an opportunity to make a donation if you wish. We will not distribute Gift Aid envelopes in advance as this will cause complications. Your donation can be cash or cheque into the box or in an envelope. The boxes will be emptied after Mass each day. The money raised will be distributed amongst the local families we help. Please be as generous as you can as Covid 19 is making life difficult for many people.

Thank you all for your help.

Peter Donnelly


St Michael’s Players



April 13th 1964 for six nights

Producer:  Edmond Cambien

Dancing Mistress: Frances Sherliker

Musical Director: Frank Worden

At the Piano: Rolf Catlow

Bass: William Marshall

Drums: George Burgess

Violins: Freda Taylor   Bernard Lawton

Programme Sixpence


Bright Musical at The Hall

     St Michael’s Players, who in recent years have presented some very good plays at The Hall, Lowergate, returned to a musical production this week with “Salad Days.”  The choice was an outstanding success, with players befitting their parts so naturally that the show delighted the audiences from start to finish.

The formula for this bright and charming show tells the story of an old piano with a compelling influence that causes everyone to dance to its gay melodies.

This provided an ideal instrument as a vehicle for a youthful display of “twist”, “shake” and other contortions which the effervescent cast performed with astonishing agility.

The simple theme of the play is the triumph of youth over the more security-minded adults, and “Salad Days” does jus this in a charming and sometimes comic manner.

Individual, the honours went to the leading players, Miss Patricia Wareing and Edward Worswick.  Miss Wareing showed once again her ability to captivate by her refreshing presence, singing and speaking, to which must now be added her skilful dancing in the part of Jane.

Edward Worswick exemplified the spirit of youthful enthusiasm and provided an ideal partner as Timothy.  He filled the role admirably.

Much of the humour in the show was furnished by an old favourite, Bill Taylor, who played the part of harasses P.C.Boot.

In close support, Derrick Hutchinson played three parts in a confident and fitting manner and first-rage contributions came from Michael Scott-Coomber, Ignatius Calvert, Michael O’Hagan, William Manley, Tom Cowman and Anthony Thornber.

Female supporting parts were capably portrayed by Celia Speak, Pat Hargreaves, Alison MacMillan and Eileen Smith, and smaller parts by Doreen Dickinson, Eileen Stirzaker, Carol Musgrove, Christine Haslam, Christine Embery and Michael Blades.

Mr Edmond Cambien brought his long experience of the amateur stage to bear not only as producer of the show but in the interpretation of duel parts in the cast, and the society must regard itself very fortunate in being able to avail itself of his undoubted ability and enthusiasm, which was reflected in the production.

The dancing mistress was Frances Sherliker, and musical director Mr Frank Worden.

The scenery was designed and executed by Donald Kershaw, and in the company were Pat Barlow, Pat Kenyon and Philip Robinson.

The dancers were Doreen Dickinson, Mary McDonald, Eileen Atkin, Jean Waddington, Josephine Robinson, Alison MacMillan and Margaret Robinson.

Behind the scenes essential offices were undertaken by the following:  Secretary, John Cowman; House Manager, Harvey Sutcliffe; Treasurer, Anthony Thornber; Stage Manager Patrick Fullalove; Stage Staff, Neville Walmsley, Michael Embery, Frank Lofthouse, Edward Turner, Patrick Crompton, John Manley; Wardrobe, Frances Sherliker, Celia Speak; Make-up, Sheila Cottam, Hazel Dewhurst, Betty MacMillan, Betty Wright, Barbara Scattergood, Ken Taylor, John Cowman, Francis Armour; Prompts, Sheila Cottam, May Barton; Properties, Jean Aldred; Lighting and effects, Anthony Thornber.

Minutes of a meeting of the Catholic Federation Clitheroe Branch

Monthly Meeting    June 14th 1909

Chair: Rev Fr Hayes SJ (President)

Present: Fr O’Farrell, Messrs, Wells, Ingham, Coneron, Clayton, Ince, Clough, Walkden, Roger Holden, John Holden (Lowergate)

Business:  The Rev President opened the meeting by reading Fr Shorrock’s reply concerning the isolation of Clitheroe.  In his letter Fr Shorrock regretted the absence of communication between Blackburn and Clitheroe and invited the Secretary to meet the Branch Secretaries at the Catholic Club – Blackburn on May 11th.  Thereopon Fr Hayes called upon the Secretary to give his report.  The Secretary stated that the meeting consisted of some eleven Secretaries with Mr Burns in the Chair.  The latter suggested various methods of increasing the number of members and then invited questions.  In answer to the grievance of Clitheroe he said that the affair would be reported to Fr Shorrock and hoped that a speedy remedy would soon be given.  Then Fr Hayes called upon Messrs Clayton and Ince for their report of the Catholic Trades Union Meeting at Manchester.  Mr Clayton said that he could not improve on the report given in the Catholic Times.  He severely denounced the custom of allowing members to speak more than once on any “Motion”, and said that this should be mentioned that a certain M.P. had asked the number of their members: thus showing that more weight was attached to that than to the justice of their cause.

In conclusion: it was decided that canvassers should ascertain the number of Trades Unionist in each house and if possible their names.

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