19th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 13th August 2017

Dear Parishioners,

With Fr Kevin taking up a new post, we must look to the future and plan how best we become a missionary parish composed of three dynamic communities but with the services of only one priest possessed of one head, a degenerating brain and no power of bilocation!

I’m reminded of how Fr Bernard Cotter described his life as a parish priest “Imagine a juggler. If he is fairly competent, he can juggle three balls easily. He can complete other tasks at the same time — talking, smiling, singing, maybe even, if he is a super-juggler, riding a unicycle. Another ball is thrown at random; sometimes he can incorporate it, sometimes not. I am that juggler.”

So, to continue the metaphor: the whole parish must join the juggling act. Truth be told we do have a good number of parish activities and groups but we also need to expand what we have. Here are a few requests for you to consider, to ask yourself, could I give a hand here?

First, help with the baptismal preparation of infants. If we are to comply with the Bishop’s request in this regard, we shall need volunteers to welcome parents and their babies to Sunday Mass, sit with them and help them feel that they belong. Then afterwards invite them over to coffee in the Hall so that they have opportunity to meet other members of the parish community to which they belong. I ask you, do you need a degree in theology to do that? Please do offer to help. Young families would be invaluable in this ministry.

We need a new music group to alternate with the regular choir. So, we need guitarists, flautists, in fact any instrument, including the ukulele and they don’t need to be professional musicians! The group would lead the singing once or twice a month after rehearsal. We’ll work on a rota basis and all dates will be available for the coming year starting at the end of September. Interested? Want to learn more with no obligation? Contact me or Geralyn Lambert ( 07483 811358 or glambert@ssmj.lancs.sch.uk.

Following our discussion earlier in the year of Pope Francis’ Laudato si document.  I would like to see a Laudato si group formed to discuss and implement the Pope’s suggestions.

Finally, there will be no further Thursday evening Masses. Mass on Thursdays will be celebrated at 9.15am in Dunsop.

Fr John

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