16th Sunday in Ordinary Time – July 17th 2016

The Knit and Knatterthon was a wonderful community event.  With an age range of 97 years, some stayed the full 12 hours and one woman brought her baby for just half an hour to cheer the knitters along.  Nearly all the local Christian denominations were represented.  The conversation flowed easily even amongst complete strangers and Clitheroe Ukulele Band entertained the evening knitters.

75 people put their names on the list of attendees.  This doesn’t include the 12 children from St Michael and St John’s who were an absolute delight, talking and laughing and looking around, all the time knitting away with their competent little fingers.

What was particularly good was the number of young people and the number of people who came to learn or refresh.   Men came too, some who could already knit and some who had never knitted before. The experienced knitters were kept busy teaching the newcomers.   The final number of squares was 135, albeit many of them brought along already knitted.

The event was for Syrian refugees in Turkey, some fleeing their war torn cities but hoping to return to Syria and some, despite advice and education, trying to get across the water to Lesbos.   When the winter comes these people will need the blankets made from the 8 inch squares knitted in Clitheroe.

With thoughts about how we can become a more welcoming community we can make a number of observations:

  • nearly all different Christian communities represented
  • school involvement
  • the number contributing who couldn’t make it on the day
  • young people attending
  • men coming with their wives and learning to knit
  • relaxing experience of chatting whilst knitting
  • learning about the refugee crisis and how people can help
  • people sharing their faith
  • people of faith and no faith working together to a common cause
  • the number of requests for similar events

Concern for refugees is good for community building, bringing together people of different Christian beliefs or none.  The next Knit and Knatter is July 27, but before that we have the Refugee Picnic and Walk on July 23, as mentioned in last week’s newsletter.  Come along.  You will enjoy it.  For details and how you can help, contact Tom Clay on 07962136749

Anthony Brown

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