13th Sunday in Ordinary Time – June 26th 2016

Dear Parishioners,

Congratulations to the parents and the children of our three communities who made their First Holy Communions last Sunday. We pray that this day will prove to be the beginning of a life-long relationship with Jesus Christ. Many in both the parish and the schools worked hard and generously to prepare and encourage the children, and both I and the children’s families are indebted to them.

I haven’t asked parishioners their opinions of the new confessional, reconciliation room. However, one parishioner gave me the following note along with a generous contribution to the cost of its construction: “Please accept this little gift towards the expense of the New Confessional. The peace and love of the forgiveness of Almighty God are truly there.”
If you haven’t yet visited the room, then please do. When entering to receive the sacrament you have the choice of either kneeling in the traditional manner or of sitting on this side of the grille but for those who wish to speak directly to the priest, they should walk through to the chair in the far corner.

Next Sunday, 3rd July is Weld Day, the day on which we remember the generosity of Thomas Weld who in 1798 gave the land on which St Michael & St John’s stands. Thomas asked for no payment other than our prayers for himself and his wife Mary. There will be only one Mass on the field for both Sabden and Clitheroe at 10.30am during which the school choir will lead the singing. During Mass our First Holy Communion children will receive their certificates and altar servers who have completed their introductory year will be invested in the Guild of St Stephen and become fully fledged servers. The Parish Picnic follows with the usual complimentary glass of wine, strawberries, cream and ice cream. Do come along, bring the family, your picnic and some sunshine!

The following Friday and Sunday Thorneyholme School on Dunsop is celebrating, as did St Hubert’s last year, their 150 birthday. Parishioners have contributed photographs and memories to its memorial exhibition which will be open to visitors on Friday 8th July from 1.30 to 3.30pm and on Sunday 10th beginning after the 10am Mass until 2pm.

On 17thth July, during Mass in both Sabden and Clitheroe, Head teachers Zoe Mabbott and Claire Halstead will symbolically entrust their year 6 pupils to the more robust care of St Augustine’s staff.

Fr John


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