10th Sunday in Ordinary Time – June 5th 2016

Dear Parishioners

At the request and encouragement of Pope Francis and Bishop John we shall hold the second of our missionary parish meetings this Wednesday, 8th June. In April the first meeting attracted 50 parishioners from our three churches/communities. Each and every parishioner is invited this Wednesday to participate and help shape the future of Our Lady of the Valley Parish.

Tea will be served from 7.15pm

7.30pm Opening prayer

Father, we ask you for the gift of discernment, that we may see the way that you wish us to go; for the gift of wisdom, that we may make the right choices; and for the gift of courage, that we may not fear to implement decisions.  May the values of the Gospel determine our every step and that you, Lord, will stay with us on our journey.

Our aim (5 minutes)

Discussion (20 minutes) in one of three groups

Group 1

What can we do to make every parishioner/visitor feel welcome to each of our churches?

Group 2

How can we help all parishioners feel that they belong to our parish community?

Group 3

How best may we welcome and integrate new parishioners?

Break (10 minutes)

Feedback from Groups (20 minutes)

Before 9pm Closing prayer

All loving father, who sent Jesus your Son to show us your mercy and to teach us to how to forgive one another, pour out your Holy Spirit upon us.  Help us to remember that we are all sinners.  Let this year of Mercy be a pilgrimage, a journey back to you.  Make us ambassadors of mercy, sharing your forgiveness with everyone, especially those who feel that they are beyond your love.  We make this prayer through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Finally thank you all who helped to make last Monday’s Sponsored Walk for Right to Life such a huge success: stewards, sweepers, bakers and the Ladies who provided great hospitality for the huge number of walkers.                                                         Fr John


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