This time Jesus falls out of sheer exhaustion; every bone in his body cries out ‘enough’, ‘I can’t go on!’ But Jesus knows he must carry on, he knows our lives, our eternal lives, depend on it so he drags himself to his feet and drags himself painfully on.

How many times have you thought ‘enough, I give up’, when things have got too much for you? Sometimes it’s the children, they just give you no rest, sometimes it’s your partner who is getting to much for you; sometimes it’s illness, and you feel you cannot take any more; sometimes it’s work or school and you feel you just cannot carry on! Perhaps even in prayer when you think God is not listening.


O Jesus there are many times when I have felt that I have had enough and perhaps there will be many more times I will feel this way. May I be granted the grace to think of this station when this happens, so that I will carry on for your sake as you carried on for my sake.

Dying you destroyed our death

Rising you restored our life

Lord Jesus come in glory