Jesus has arrived at his place of execution. His journey is over and he sinks completely exhausted to the ground. Surely he has done enough! He has been scourged, crowned with thorns, kicked, punched, spat upon and has carried his own death bed to Calvary.

Surely he has done more than enough to pay for our sins! But Jesus knows the gross enormity of sin and knows that the ultimate price of crucifixion and death alone can pay for them.

Meditation: .

My Jesus, is my soul worth so much?

It is worth it to me, you say, for you are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for my soul! O Jesus make me understand what a grotesque evil sin is! Whenever temptations come may this station remind me what my sins have cost you, then give me the grace to say to you, ‘is my soul worth it?’ And let me hear your answer, ‘it is worth it to me’!

Dying you destroyed our death

Rising you restored our life

Lord Jesus come in glory