St Hubert’s Bingo & Social Night

On Monday the parish held its annual Bingo & Social Night, which included the drawing of our Christmas Raffle.  Thank you to everyone for their support, donation of prizes, supporting the event and assisting in its running. Special thanks to our first time caller Kevin Johnson who did a great job, especially coping with the smoking speaker unit and shouting the numbers for the last 3 games out.  Congratulations to all the winners, (see poster) and thanks to everyone who bought and sold tickets, special thanks to Arnold Marsden who co-ordinated the sales of a record 1000 tickets to our parish friends in Clitheroe.  The event was a great success with a total income of  £2,910,  profit after expenses £1,972.60.  Fantastic achievement and thank you once again.  Still one unclaimed raffle prize—Bottle of Sherry number 0581 HW

Posted in Dunsop Bridge.