St Chad’s Primary School, Manchester

July 17 2017

Following up on the May 8 entry and an action point from our June 9 meeting with Fr David Glover Anthony Brown to look at the Just Enough trafficking workshops and lesson plans for primary schools, we were in St Chad’s, Cheetham on July 17 looking at a Just Enough Modern Slavery (not trafficking!) workshop for Year 5s.  St Chad’s is one of three Catholic primaries in Salford Diocese (the others are St Bernard’s and St Anthony’s) that took up a Home Office offer for the workshops.  We wanted to observe to see if they might have wide currency in the Diocese given that the subject of human trafficking and modern day slavery needs to be addressed at an early stage.

We had a good talk with the two acting heads, Margaret Foster and Dominic James, afterwards and they explained very clearly why they had taken up the Home Office offer and why the workshop was particularly appropriate for their school.

W will try and get some feedback from St Chad’s and the other two Catholic schools but initial impressions are that there is off-the-shelf material that can be used or adapted within the Diocese.

Below are the Just Enough leaflets on their Modern Slavery workshop and their online platform Just Enough Learns which provides lesson plans and other resources for teachers.

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