Corpus Christi – 7th June 2015

Dear Parishioners,

Congratulations to our children in both Sabden and Clitheroe who today make their First Holy Communion and also to one young man who will receive his First Holy Communion from the Bishop in St Hubert’s, Dunsop Bridge.
Please pray for them and their families. As I have told the parents: as a dog is not just for Christmas so First Holy Communion is not just for this special day but rather it is a beginning, the beginning of a relationship with Jesus Christ that if lived faithfully will stand their children in good stead as they navigate their life’s journey.

The Bishop is in Dunsop Bridge to celebrate Bridget Hilton’s Civic Mass following her installation as the Mayor of Ribble Valley. Bridget is known to many of us and we wish her well during her coming year of office and assure her of our prayer and support.
Also Bishop John is visiting St Hubert’s in recognition of the church’s 150th anniversary, to announce Mgr John Chaloner’s official retirement and to thank him for his commitment and dedication as parish priest over the past 18 years, and formally announce that St Hubert’s is to join with our parish of Our Lady of the Valley.
Mgr Chaloner isn’t leaving but will continue to live in retirement at St Hubert’s Presbytery and celebrate the 10am Sunday Mass.

The Right to Life Walk was a huge success with a good attendance and a really pleasant atmosphere. Unexpectedly Archbishop Kelly was able to join us this year and now well recovered from his stroke he completed the walk. All the visitors were appreciative of the welcoming cups of tea and the wonderful homemade cakes provided at the end of their trek. My thanks to all who participated, sponsored and otherwise supported this important Right to Life event. In his blog to the clergy, Bishop John wrote “It was good to see a number of young families. I must say there is a great deal of beautiful countryside in this Diocese.”

And then there was the farewell party! What a great night it was, a real good old fashioned parish “do” with entertainment provided by our children’s choir and parishioners, the excellent Splinter Jazz Group, the Mulgrew comedy trio and the surprise compare. Fr Frankie was deeply touched by your generosity of the Spiritual Bouquet and the cheque for £1,386! A great night that showed the Parish and its Centre at their best.

Fr John


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