Parish Draw

The 2020 Parish Draw will re-commence next week, as we only managed two draws in January and February last year because of lockdown. Those of you who have a draw ticket will automatically go into this years with the same lucky number.  Please note NO money is due, what you paid last year has been brought forward.

1st March 2020 – First Sunday of Lent


An entry in one of our old log book reads:

‘Owing to the kindness of Captain Trappes & his brother Charles, about 1250 trees were planted in our Cemetery, some likewise round the kitchen and also a wooden railing put up round the kitchen & the back premises. A large wooden Cross was erected in the Cemetery, the walks widened and a house built of wood for tools etc.  Wooden railings were also put in front of the church.  Before the end of the year Gas Standards were put up in the Church at a cost of a little more than £44 and 4 additional windows were put into the Schools.


…have kindly offered their services free to St Michael & St John’s Church in an Afternoon Band Concert in The Assembly Hall (formerly SMSJ Parish Hall) on

Sunday 15th March at 2.30pm. 

Entrance £3 (including light refreshments) payable on the door.  All profit from this event will be donated to Mary’s Meals, a charity that works in countries across Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and the Caribbean, by providing one good meal a day in a place of learning.  Mary’s meals is named after Mary, mother of Jesus.

For every pound raised they spend a minimum of 93p on their charitable activities.

Come along and enjoy an entertaining programme of popular music

Cyclone Appeal

The recent cyclone in Africa has left a trail of destruction in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi.  Hundreds have died, there is no safe water and food and crops have been washed away.  We shall respond through CAFOD. 

Donations may be put  in one of the two emergency appeal boxes at the back of church, or placed in an envelope clearly marked  ‘AFRICA CYCLONE APPEAL’ and left at the presbytery or placed on the collection plate

Thank You – Caritas

Mark Wiggin and the team at Caritas Diocese of Salford send their sincere thanks for the £692.89 raised at this year’s Caritas Sunday at Our Lady of the Valley.  We are humbled by the support behind our mission to help those in need in our communities.  Please be assured that the funds raised will be put to great use across the Diocese as we respond to local people in need.  If you require any more information please check our website

24th February 2019 – 7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Please could you help? …….

There is a family of asylum seekers living in Clitheroe, comprising Mum, Dad, and two little boys aged 6 and 4.  They are Kurdish Iraqis, who fled Mosul in December 2015 to escape significant persecution.   They endured an often life-threatening journey, eventually arriving in England in July 2016, when they applied for asylum.  Their application failed, but they were granted leave to appeal.  Their Legal Aid solicitor missed the deadline to submit their appeal, and they are now living in dread of removal back to Iraq – a country where ISIS still operates, which has been devastated by fighting, and which is overrun with refugees and displaced persons.  They have no family there to whom they could return, and no home, and no access to healthcare (Mum suffers from epilepsy and depression).  They have brought up their little boys to speak English, and the boys have no memories of Iraq, and are happily settled here with many friends at school and nursery.  Mum and Dad are working hard to improve their English, which is good enough now that they can volunteer in a charity shop and at the local primary school, and make the best contribution that they can to the place that is giving them refuge.

We have been working with this family to try to get them leave to remain, but next steps require strong legal representation, and this must be paid for.  A very experienced solicitor has been found through Caritas, who is willing to take on the case.   The initial interview costs £200, with overall fees amounting to anything up to £2,000, depending on how long the case runs.

This is a very genuine and deserving family.  Please would you consider making a donation towards their legal fees?   The Home Office has very recently decided that they no longer have the right of appeal, and so we need to act very quickly to instruct their new solicitor and to request a judicial review.  Funds are therefore needed immediately!

Should circumstances change such that the money cannot be used, if you give your name and contact details and the amount of your donation, we will return it to you, or, with your permission, we would pass it on to the annual Clitheroe Refugee Day appeal, which our parish hosts to give refugees in our Diocese a day out in the country.

Thank you,  Tom Clay + Carol Hartley

Spring Happening

At the recent Our Lady of the Valley Parish Forum it was proposed and agreed to have a “Spring Happening”. This will be a celebration to include all our parish, friends and local communities; playgroups, primary and High Schools, parish groups, local community groups and parishioners. With games to play, stalls, crafts, demonstrations,refreshments and lots more. Let’s have fun for all the family at this Spring Happening. The event is open to one and all.

So, save the date, Sunday 20th May 2018, at St Michael and St John’s Secret Garden and Assembly Hall. It is important that everyone contributes – no matter how big or small, your ideas are valued. We will be delighted to see you at the “Spring Happening” planning meetings that have been arranged for Monday 5th February at 11.00am and again at 7.30pm, at St Michael and St John’s Presbytery, Clitheroe. This should enable us all to have a greater understanding of each other’s needs for this celebration and to join together with our local communities.

If you are unable to attend but would like to contribute, do not hesitate to contact one of the following:

Jane Brown, 01200 441949
Susan Felllows, 078877690402
Ann Harkin, 07823400278

Thank you… – Caritas

The Caritas Mother and Baby home in Blackburn would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your donations and considering us.  We rely very much on donations and are very grateful for the kindness and generosity that has been offered.  We really appreciate your contributions. See copy of letter in porch.

CAFOD – Harvest Fast Day

Grateful thanks to all those who donated. Your generosity means that the farmers in El Salvador can plant seeds that will grow and bear fruit and so sustain their families. If you have not yet returned your envelope it can be placed in the collection basket at Mass or  through the presbytery door at St Michael’s and John’s

Refugees – update.

I have had an overwhelming response to my request for cosmetics and I am so thankful.  I now have a good stock.  Thank you for your support.  I have applied for a £500 grant from the Skipton Building Society to help fund next year’s Refugee Day.  Unfortunately it is too late to vote for this, but let’s pray for success.

Kathryn Clay


25th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 24th September 2017

Dear Parishioners,

One item on the agenda of the Parish Forum which met last Wednesday discussed the Clitheroe Christmas Fayre which has reached the point of crisis.  This only concerns Clitheroe for both Dunsop Bridge and Sabden run their own successful Christmas events.

For many years now Janet Clegg and Carol Riley have organised our Christmas Fayres.  We have had themed Fayres, Autumn Fayres, a variety of stalls, games, raffles, tombolas, delicious refreshments and of course Father Christmas.

Planning and coordinating this event has taken a lot of hard work and effort and, as well as being a social occasion, has raised significant funds for our Parish.  We thank Janet and Carol for all they have done.  Sadly, the money raised from the event has decreased over the last few years and we have agreed not to have one this year as planned.  What can replace it in Clitheroe?  We do need some new ideas for raising much needed funds.  Two suggestions are a Grand Raffle with real determination to sell all the tickets, (in the past tickets have been unsold) and a Spring Fayre.  Please give it some thought and let us have your ideas.

We also need a small group of enthusiastic volunteers to organise whatever is decided and make it happen.  Can you give some time? Often money raised is for a specific project and, surprisingly, fund raising events contribute to building our Parish Community.  Please think hard !!

Suggestions can be given to Margaret Donnelly, (01200 441081) or given to Janet and they will be considered at the next Forum on November 15th.

Thank you,

Secretary Parish Forum