7th February – Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

7th February the week ahead:-
Today is the FIFTH Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass 12 noon (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge
Mass 5pm (Saturday) Clitheroe
Mass 9.30am (Sunday) Clitheroe
Mass 11am (Sunday) Sabden

Monday No Public Mass
Tuesday Mass 10am
Wednesday No Public Mass St. Scholastica.
Thursday Mass 10am Our Lady of Lourdes.
Friday No Public Mass

Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
Mass 12 noon (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge
Mass 5pm (Saturday) Clitheroe
Mass 9.30am (Sunday) Clitheroe
Mass 11am (Sunday) Sabden
A Public Mass can only be celebrated on the days that we have stewards who are available. (see above)

Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, World Day of the Sick. Thursday 11th Feb, Mass at 10AM
In 1992, Pope John Paul II, instituted the World Day of the Sick which would be held on the Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes. On the 11 Feb. 1858 Our Lady first appeared to Bernadette Soubirous. Bernadette was to hear Our Lady declare ‘I am the Immaculate Conception’. Pope Francis reminds us this Feast Day is an opportunity to devote special attention to the sick and to those who provide them with assistance and care whether that be in healthcare institutions or within families and communities. We think in particular this year of those who have suffered, and continue to suffer the effects of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.

Lately Dead:
Catherine (Kitty) Wilson, Paul Bradley, Anna Copsey
Masses received this week:
Rita & Frank Donvaband
Fr Joseph Wareing SJ – today Sunday 7th February)

Parishioners Paul and Bernadette Worden had intended to cycle ride from Clitheroe to Lourdes in support of Mary’s Meals, but Covid has made it very unlikely to happen any time soon. However they are planning the following as per an email from them –
“We have now decided to do this as a virtual ride by clocking up our mileage on local rides each day, following lockdown requirements, and relating that to where it would have got us had we actually been en route to Lourdes.

Our ‘virtual journey’ will begin from Clitheroe on Saturday 13th February. Our virtual route would be to Hull to take the ferry crossing to Belgium, then make our way to the Rhone Valley and travel south as far as Avignon before heading west through the Pyrenees to Lourdes – all without leaving our local area!
We plan to ‘arrive’ in Lourdes on Easter Sunday 4th April after completing our challenge of cycling 1065 miles in 51 days.
Mary’s Meals is a charity dedicated to providing life changing meals to some of the worlds poorest children. Their vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things.
We would really appreciate your support in helping raise funds for this charity. You can read more about their great work and perhaps donate to our project via the link below.
Alternatively you can ring Arnold on 01200 427096 or email arnoldmarsden@gmail.com to be added to the sponsor list. Please enjoy the journey with us and follow our progress, both real and virtual, via our travel blog www.mytb.org/BernieW
Alternatively you can email cycle21lourdes@yahoo.com and we will include you in a weekly update of our progress”.
Paul and Bernadette Worden

The Ribble Valley Foodbank is looking for a part-time assistant to the manager, starting as soon as possible. 8 hours a week for a three month period, mainly to be worked on a Monday or Thursday, with the possibility of extra hours to cover for the Foodbank Manager, when necessary.
To apply please send CV and covering letter to info@ribblevalley.foodbank.org.uk.
Or for an informal chat, or more information please contact the Foodbank Manager Jane Chitnis on 07849 534431
Closing Date 21st February 2021

An update on the Hamper Project given in last week’s newsletter
Below is a message regarding hamper items which can be dropped off in advance of the hamper distribution. Thank you for supporting this hamper initiative; we hope it will greatly bless and encourage our amazing key workers.
We aim to provide a good variety of items that will genuinely be appreciated by those working on the ‘front line’. The hamper contents will consist of individually wrapped items to help make them as COVID secure as possible. Some items, such as hand creams, will be sourced in bulk online; other, such as packaged fresh fruit, will be purchases shortly before hamper delivery. For these reasons we ask you to restrict your contributions to the items on the following list:
1. Cadbury’s Heroes (290g box)
2. Celebrations box
3. Tesco Finest cookies (Quadruple Chocolate/Belgian Milk Chocolate/Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut/Sultana & Oat)
4. Nature Valley Granola Bars – 5 x 24g
5. 25g Nut Sachets (Almond/Cashew/Mixed)

Items can be delivered in advance to Clitheroe Community Church (Millthorne Avenue, Clitheroe, BB7 2LE between Saturday 13th February (10am – 12noon) and Wednesday 17th February (1pm – 3pm)
If you have any questions or anything needs clarifying, please contact Chris Meyer at chrischrismeyer@gmail.com
This hamper project is now on the Love Clitheroe website –
https://www:loveclitheroe.com/keyworker-hampers if you want to direct people there, and the link for donations (which is also linked from the website) is https://www.give.nte/loveclitheroeevents

On the Feast Day of St Bakhita let us pray for the victims of human trafficking.
St Bakhita, born in Sudan around 1869, was taken into slavery as a child. She died in 1947, her body scarred from the dreadful wounds she received from whipping. The name Bakhita, given to her by her slave master, means ‘lucky one.’ After years of horrific abuse, she did become the ‘lucky one.’ She was bought by someone who treated her kindly and finally she found peace and freedom with the Cannosian sisters. She took her vows in 1896. Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical letter Spe Salvi (In Hope We Were Saved) relates her entire life story as an outstanding example of Christian hope.
Slavery wasn’t officially abolished in Sudan until 1924. Even today Sudan remains one of the countries with the greatest incidence of modern slavery in the world. We pray that there may be hope for all those enslaved – an estimated 40 million worldwide, 136,000 in the UK.
Two young women, rescued only a few weeks after they had been forced into a brothel in Preston in 2015, were lucky. For most, there is no escape and the misery these women endure was captured in DNA found in fingernail fragments where a woman had tried to scratch her way through a locked door in Belfast. The DNA matched a woman subsequently rescued in London.
In 2019 39 Vietnamese people died in a container. We do not know the life they were bound for but Caritas Anti-Trafficking worked with a Vietnamese trafficked woman a few years ago, who said, “They come from same province where we are from. These bring back bad memories. I couldn’t breathe when I was in the Lorry. Twenty-three of us would have died if the police came five minutes late. Thank God, we’re still alive. I have been through all so I feel so bad thinking about them. We pray for them every night, and thank God saved us. Thank you for your prayer and your thoughts so much. This reminds us how lucky we are to be here, to live in the UK.” They too were the lucky ones.
We have many stories, all different, all witnessing to the worst excesses of human behavior.
When Benedict says “in hope we were saved” he refers to the hope for fulfillment in Christ’s promise but St Bakhita was saved from slavery first and again in the Christianity she learned from the Cannosian sisters. Let us pray for the hope that one day all slaves will be saved but much more than that, let us see modern slavery as a barometer or litmus test of how the much the world and the Church measure up to a striving for the Common Good. And let us pray that we have the strength to acknowledge our complicity in the root of it all – structural sin and the globalisation of indifference.

Anthony Brown

Girls School Log Book 1888-1889
Class Subjects 1888-9

1. English As in Code of 1888
Rep i & ii The homes of England

iii The Battle of Blenheim

iv, v, vi, vii Extract from “The Task”

2. Needlework As in Code 1888
May 4th His Lordship the Bishop of Salford honoured the children this morning with a short visit. He praised the neatness and cleanliness of a little girls exercise book which he took up and expressed his pleasure at seeing the children so neat and clean.

June 8th Twenty-one girls admitted from the infants’ department. All the girls examined have been removed a standard higher.
Martina Bramley is taking Standards I & II. Amy Dawson is taking charge of Standard III

June 15th The children have entered into their new work with great spirit.

June 22nd The children have again worked well in their new standards. Three full-time and several half-time certificates given.

June 26th Government report received today – Girls’ school. The Girls School is the equal of the Boys’ School in the excellence of the discipline, the skill of the teaching, and the thoroughness of the instruction and like, it fully deserves the Highest merit grant.
A. Dawson has passed well. Manager John Hartell

June 29th The midsummer holidays began yesterday.

Present staff
Mr A Baynes certificated 1st Class
Martina Bramley (article 50)
Amy Dawson 4th year pupil teacher
Manager John Hartell

Aug 3rd School re-opened on Monday July 30th. Holiday on Thursday for the annual agricultural show

Aug 9th Visited this School without notice. Tested and examined Registers and found everything correct. 98 present and marked.
Manager John Hartell

Aug 10th Margaret Marchant a child of 6 sent back to infant school not knowing her letters or figures

Aug 17th Holiday on Wednesday. Martina Bramley absent on Thursday & Friday through sickness.

Aug 24th Martina Bramley absent all week through sickness. Her sister Mary cam in her place and taught Standard II

Aug 31st Martina Bramley returned to school on Monday morning. Notice of pupil-teacher relisious examination received. It is to take place Octobert 13th at St Alban’s, Blackburn.12s paid to Manager for books sold.
Sept 7th On Tuesday morning the children had holiday to witness Miss Tipping’s wedding. Notice of the children’s religious examination received to take place on the 17th October

Sept 14th Four children absent through sickness. Average attendance lower than usual being only 89.

Sept 21st Average attendance better this week being 96.

Sept 28th Two children admitted one for Standard I and one for Standard III

Oct 5th 1s 4d received from guardians for Grace Wilson’s fees.

Oct 12th The average attendance this week is 100 and last week was 101.

Oct 15th Visited this department without notice, examined and tested the Registers, found everything correct 108 present and marked.
Manager John Hartell

Oct 19th The religious examination took place on Wednesday morning. Holiday was given in the afternoon. 11s 11d received from Guardians as fees for Ellen Foy and Margaret Parker

Oct 20th Holiday on Thursday and Friday for the annual fairs.

Nov 2nd 10s paid to Manager for books sold. Holiday on Thursday afternoon.

Nov 9th Holiday this afternoon in honour of the re-election of the mayor.

Nov 16th The reports on the religious examination – “An excellent school with a pious earnest spirit”

Nov 23rd Father Hartell gave Amy Dawson two lessons on astronomy.

Nov 30th 6s paid to the Manager for books sold.

Dec 7th Father Yates gave Standards IV, V & VI several exercises in mental arithmetic.

Dec 14th Examined Standards I & II and found them very well advanced for the time of the year. Father Yates again gave several mental arithmetic exercised to the upper standards.

Dec 20th Christmas holidays commence today

Jan 7th Registers tested T.J.Johnson

Jan 11th 4s 8d received from Guardians. Holiday on Friday afternoon for the children’s annual tea-party. Mary Anne Scott sent back to Standard III

Jan 18th Several children have been absent this week with measles.

Jan 25th Standard IV have now been taught all their rules in arithmetic and have begun to work from cards.

Feb 1st Although several children are still away on account of measles the average attendance keeps above 80.

Feb 4th Visited this Dept without notice found 72 children present and 72 marked everything correct. Manager John Hartell

Feb 8th The average attendance this week has fallen to 77 on account of sickness and cold wet weather

Feb 15th Cutting out paper patterns taught to Standard VI

Feb 22nd Standards V & VI have begun to work sums from cards – having learned all their rules

March 1st Sickness still continues amongst the children there being 3 new cases this week.

March 8th Holiday given on Shrove Tuesday afternoon.

March 15th Margaret Swarbrick has returned after a month’s illness. She is still suffering from great weakness and rheumatism and is quite unfit to resume her studies in Standard VI. She has been allowed to do Standard V work, and had better remain in that Standard.

March 22nd The Manager heart Amy Dawson’s recitation and helped her with Stocks and Shares.

March 29th Form VIII filled up and returned to the Manager.

April 5th 12s 4d received from Guardians for Ellen Foy and Margaret Parker’s school fees.

April 12th Amy Dawson was allowed to study every morning this week.

April 15th Visited this school without notice found all things correct. Tested the attendance and registers – 90 present and 90 marked. Manager John Hartell.

April 19th Holiday today, Good Friday. Holiday also given for Easter Monday.

April 26th Notice received that the girls will be examined on Friday May 31st and inspected on Monday afternoon June 3rd.

May 3rd The new registers were begun on Wednesday.

May 10th Father Yates visited the school yesterday afternoon and looked at some of the needlework.

May 17th Examined standards III & IV in arithmetic and dictation. All passed in arithmetic 1 failed in dictation.

May 24th Examined Standards V VI VII in arithmetic, composition and dictation. All passed except one in composition.

May 31st The girls were examined this morning by Mrs Walsh

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