33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time – 15th November 2015

Dear Parishioners,

Parish Forum is this Wednesday, 18th November at 7.30pm in the Parish Hall.

I have appealed on several occasions over the past years for volunteers (men or women!) to strengthen our wonderful team of church cleaners. In response a few generous parishioners have stepped forward but we do need more. “Many hands make light work!” Even if you can’t commit to every single week, just come when you can. Please do consider joining us for one hour on Monday mornings at 9.30am. Afterwards there is good chat and a cup of tea. Particularly we are looking for helpers in a fortnight on Monday 30th November to ‘bottom’ the church in preparation for Christmas.

The Diocesan charity, CARITAS, has reported that on average today’s funerals costs range between £3,500 and £5,500. This represents an 80% increase in just 10 years and can leave some families with a debt. CARITAS advises that we think about and plan ahead for our funerals instead of leaving everything to the last minute and hurried decisions.
When you have an idea of what you want then shop around just as you would when buying anything else, approaching at least three Funeral Directors and asking them for an explanation of their costs.

So, things to consider.

Do you wish to have a simple funeral package: that is a simple coffin and a hearse, leaving mourners to travel in their own vehicles. This will cost around £1,200. A more costly coffin and vehicles add to the price.
Further costs are the fees of two doctors required to certify death, the cost of a grave, the crematorium, the opening of a family grave, a donation to the Church, notices in the paper, organist’s fees, flowers, and/or catering for mourners at home or elsewhere.
It is always best to plan ahead and to inform your next of kin what sort of religious service you want: a Requiem, a funeral service in church or a simple service in the crematorium. But what you shouldn’t do is arrange your own funeral service or ask a friend or family to do so! In the Catholic Church we have a prescribed liturgy which we follow. If in doubt then ask your Parish priest.
Planning ahead or as we used to say, “Putting your affairs in order” is prudent and when your time comes will be of great help to your family. Above all else it ensures that you will have the funeral you want and one that reflects our hope in eternal life.

Fr John


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