32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time – 12th November 2017


In June, Pope Francis instituted an annual World Day of The Poor, the first being on November 19th.

In announcing it, he said: “It is my wish that, in the week preceding the World Day of the Poor, …. Christian communities will make every effort to create moments of encounter and friendship, solidarity and concrete assistance”. He continues: “This Sunday, if there are poor people where we live who seek protection and assistance, let us draw close to them: it will be a favourable moment to encounter the God we seek.  Following the teaching of Scripture, let us welcome them as honoured guests at our table; they can be teachers who help us live the faith more consistently.”

As a centre piece for the Diocese’s World Day of the Poor, Caritas Salford will be launching the ‘ Refugee Dine With Me’ initiative across the Diocese on Wed 15th November at 6pm at Guardian Angels parish centre in Bury. This was successfully piloted by OLOTV parishioners last year, and Caritas hopes that people who took part in the pilot will come along and share their experiences.

In the preface to the Toolkit, Bishop John Arnold says: “I am very pleased to introduce the launch of this new initiative: ‘Refugee Dine with Me’. It is a very simple but effective way of welcoming people into our parishes who have left their homes and families to seek refuge and safety amongst us. When people sit together to share a meal, especially people from different cultures and life experiences, there is an opportunity to share more than just food. They create what Pope Francis has called a ‘culture of encounter.’ In accepting to share a meal together both host and guest are opening themselves to a very human encounter that breaks down barriers and builds new friendships. ‘Refugee Dine with Me’ creates such an opportunity that also leads us to a deepened understanding of human dignity and to a greater empathy for those who have journeyed to our shores seeking sanctuary. My hope is that you will take up this initiative as a part of the life of a missionary parish.”

If Parishioners want to participate in the initiative, please contact Tom or Kathryn Clay on 07962136749 or email tomclay48@hotmail.com.

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