29th Sunday in Ordinary time – 21st October 2018


Asia Bibi a Roman Catholic woman on death row in Pakistan has made a direct appeal to Christians in the UK, urging them to pray for her. This message was conveyed by her husband, Ashiq Bibi, who has travelled to the UK to highlight the plight of his wife. He emphasised that his wife had been imprisoned since 2009, but she has always said that Jesus is her life and despite the pressures will never deny her faith.

She was sentenced to death for blasphemy in 2010 after being accused by two women of insulting the prophet Mohammed.  The accusation was made five days after the women rowed with Asia because she had taken water from a common water supply which they said was for muslims alone. Asia Bibi is just one example of how blasphemy laws in Pakistan have been misused to settle personal vendettas.

The subsequent legal battle has led to protests and to the assassination of two politicians who publicly defended her.

The Supreme Court in Pakistan is due to rule on an appeal against Asia’s death sentence. An announcement planned for last Monday has been postponed without a reason being given. Please remember to pray for Asia and her family and consider writing to Imran Khan, the new Prime Minister of Pakistan to plead for her life and her freedom.

The text below may help you to write a letter to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, but please do not simply rip this page off and send it to him, that would be totally counter productive and preferably you should use your own words.


Prime Minister Imran Khan, P.M Secretariat, Constitution Avenue, G-5/2,

Islamabad, Pakistan

Dear Prime Minister

I am writing to express my concern for a Asia Bibi, a citizen of Pakistan who is in jail in your country for alleged blasphemy. She has now been in jail for some 9 years with the death penalty hanging over her for an action which, even if true, surely does not merit the death penalty. In any case, a long imprisonment is more than sufficient punishment. Furthermore, the evidence that she committed this crime is questioned by very many.

We are all encouraged to show our belief in the mercy of God in our actions. I would humbly ask that mercy is shown to Asia Bibi, and that you use your best efforts to secure her release from prison

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

(signed etc)

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