28th March 2021 – Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Mass 12 noon Saturday (Dunsop Bridge)
5.00pm Saturday (Clitheroe)
9.30am Sunday (Clitheroe)
11am Sunday (Sabden)

Monday Mass 10am (Clitheroe)
Tuesday Mass 10am (Clitheroe)
Wednesday Mass 10am (Clitheroe)


Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7pm (Clitheroe)

The Passion of the Lord 3pm (Clitheroe)
(Stations of the Cross 11am in Sabden)
(Stations of the Cross at 11am in Dunsop Bridge)

Easter Vigil 5pm (Clitheroe)

9am (Dunsop Bridge)
9.30am (Clitheroe)
11am (Sabden)

Masses received this week:
Clare Mercer, Mary & John Dewhurst, Trish Mercer x 2, Joe Healey,
Bryan Roberts, Rita & Frank Donbavand, Caarac O’Neill

Lately Dead:
Kathleen Hargreaves, Caarac O’Neill, Eileen Johnson, Christopher Burke

Clare Mercer, Mary & John Dewhurst, Trish Mercer, Joe Healey,
Bryan Roberts, Pauline Altham,

Holy Week & Easter Services:
Things will be very different and much simpler this year.
Palm Sunday: Palms will be blessed at the front of Church and then collected on exit. Maundy Thursday: no washing of feet, no public adoration at altar of repose.
Good Friday: Veneration will not involve kissing the cross, no congregational voice in the reading of the Passion.
Easter Vigil: No outdoor ceremony and no congregational candles
Easter Sunday: Simple services
Current Covid Regulations Continue HANDS – FACE – SPACE NO SINGING OR MINGLING!
Things will be very different to usual
but thankfully we are able to celebrate in church this Holy Week.

Brotherhood – the inner life of monks:
will be on bbc4 at 8pm on Sunday 28th March and could be worth watching. This is from the Cistercian Monastery in Coalsville, Leicester, Mount Saint Bernard’s Abbey.

Sacramental Programme:
Those children who took part in last year’s Sacramental Programme, and who have not received their First Holy Communion, will continue to do so after Easter.
Fr. Paul has written to all the families in year 3 about this year’s Sacramental Programme. Things will obviously be different to what we would usually do, but the children will begin their preparation, in school, after the Easter break and will receive the sacraments in the Autumn. Thank you to our schools for their support and cooperation in these difficult times.

The new Gift Aid envelopes commence on Sunday 11th April 2021. They will be available hopefully this weekend 27/28 March after both the Saturday and Sunday masses. Please collect them from the Presbytery door as you leave church by the side porch.
After next weekend they will be available after Mass and for collection from the Presbytery.
Envelopes for both Dunsop and Sabden will hopefully be distributed this weekend too.

Live simply thought of the week:
“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

CAFOD – Lent
This year our focus is on “Walking for Water.”
Abdella, who is a young man, lives in an extremely remote and mountainous part of Ethiopia, where it is getting hotter and drier each year. It takes him ten hours every day to collect water for his family.
Throughout Lent each time you resist a treat or give up something put the money you save in an envelope and then return the envelope at Easter.

Laudato Si:
Global Healing: a series of talks for Lent 2021.
This is week 5: https://youtu.be/X7cW2tiEb54

The Next Parish Forum will be held on 19th April (on Zoom unfortunately).
If you have any matter you wish adding to the agenda please let me let me (Carol Riley) know by phone 01200 426769 or email: cariley.t21@btinternet.com.

Our ‘virtual journey’ began on Saturday 13th February. We are now 41 days into the trip. Our plan is to ‘arrive’ in Lourdes on Easter Sunday, 4th April, after completing the challenge of cycling the 1071 miles route from Clitheroe in 51 days.
Back in the ‘real world’ we have cycled 41 different local loops of 21 plus miles.. The weather has been quite good this week with much less wind and lots of sunshine.
We have continued our journey down the Rhone and stayed in Avignon on Sunday. We then made our way south west along the Mediterranean coast before turning inland and arriving at Narbonne yesterday. We will arrive in Carcassonne on Saturday and Toulouse on Tuesday. Then it will be through the foothills of the Pyrenees and on to Lourdes.

Mary’s Meals is a charity dedicated to providing life changing meals to some of the worlds poorest children. Their vision is that every child receives one daily meal in their place of education and that all those who have more than they need, share with those who lack even the most basic things. We would really appreciate your support in helping raise funds for this charity. You can read more about their great work and perhaps donate to our project via the link below.


Alternatively you may like to ring Arnold Marsden on 01200 427096 or email cycle21lourdes@yahoo.com to be added to our sponsor list and receive weekly updates on our progress if you desire.
Please enjoy the journey with us and follow our progress, both real and virtual, via our travel blog www.mytb.org/BernieW

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