25th April 2021 – Fourth week of Easter (Good Shepherd Sunday)

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Mass 5pm (Saturday) Clitheroe

Mass 9.30am Clitheroe

Mass 11am Sabden

Glenn Peters x 4, Rita & Frank Donbavand, Ian Mayor, Albert Blockeel

Ian Mayor

Glenn Peters, Albert Blockeel, Moira Robinson


Someone to take care of the garden at the front of church – does not involve any mowing of the lawn.   Any day and any time it is up to the individual.
If you are willing to give a little of your time it would be very much appreciated.  See Arnold Marsden or telephone him 01200 427096


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This week from the archives is from the Infant School Log 1947

Jan 7 School reopened at 9am. Four new children admitted making number on roll 70.  Miss Cottam began her duties at this school as welfare officer.  She is here from 11.40am – 1.30pm.  Mrs Trimby is senior kitchen assistant and Mrs Jolly ordinary assistant.
  9 Dental Inspection of all children in school carried out by Mr Heron.  63 children examined (2pm)
  16 Nurse Bates made a G.C. examination of all classes at 11.45am.
  21 Miss Reece, P.T. organiser paid an introductory visit
  24 Miss Graham, Meals organiser paid an introductory visit.  Number on roll 71.  Average attendance 63
  29 Received (November 1946) Requisition from Hope Bros
  31 Number on roll 71.  Average attendance 45.  The attendance this week has been badly affected by an epidemic of severe colds and sore throats.  This afternoon only 36 children are present.  This is the lowest attendance for the week.
Feb 7 Attendance still very low owing to sickness and severe weather.  Average attendance 40.
  14 Attendance improving slowly.  Average attendance 47.  School closed at 4pm for mid-term holiday.  Sent in P.T. and Games requisition for 1947-48
  19 School reopened at 9am
  26 Only 28 children present this morning owing to a very heavy fall of snow.
  27 Eighteen children made their First Confession.



I (E.Coneron) was absent from school suffering from an attack of sinusitis.  During these three weeks Miss Crompton was in charge of Class I and Lower Class II.  Miss Barrett took the rest of Class II and Class III.  For two weeks the attendance was very low owing to heavy snowfalls.  Medical inspection of children was carried out by Dr Royal and Nurse Bates on March 17th.
  24 Religious Examination.  Register not marked today.
  25 Registers examined and found correct.  O.A.Kemball SJ
  28 School closed today at 4pm for the Easter Holidays.  Completed quarterly and yearly totals.
Apr 14 School reopened at 9am.  Four new children admitted bringing total on roll to 75.  Received electric radiator for canteen kitchen.  Stock book etc sent for audit.
  18 Attendance during past week very good.  Average attendance 73.
  24 Mr Halifax H.M.I. paid an introductory visit.  Examined electric radiator and was informed of its use.
May 2 Number on roll 75.  Average attendance 71
  22 Nurse Bates carried out G.C. examination of all children in the school.  72 were present.
  23 School closed at 4pm for the Whitsuntide holidays.
June 2 School reopened at 9am.  Two new children admitted bringing total on roll to 77.
  5 School closed today for feast of Corpus Christi.
  20 Attendance good.  Number on roll 78.  Average attendance 74.  During the past week Classes II and III have been tested in the three R’s.
  27 Registers examined and found correct.  O.A.Kemball SJ
    Received 3 official Meals Registers to be used from next week onwards.  Meals Register sent for audit at the end of March has not been returned and according to Mr Rogerson must be presumed lost.
July 2 Miss Coneron absent through sickness.  Classes grouped between Miss Barrett and Miss Crompton, as no Supply Teacher was available.  M.Barrett p.p. Miss Coneron
  16 Requisition from Hope Bros arrived.
  17 School closed at 4pm for the Midsummer Holidays.
Aug 25 School reopened.  Miss Coneron still absent.  Miss Maureen Joyce, a Mount Pleasant College Student, commenced a fortnight’s Teaching Practice.  25 children were transferred to the Senior Department, and 7 new one admitted; 1 left.  Total on Roll 64.
Sept   Nurse Bates made G.C. examination
    Requisition from Hope Bros arrived
  5 Miss Joyce completed her T.P.
  8 Miss Coneron still absent; classes grouped as previously
    School Photographer arrived about 10.45 and photographed the children.
  17 Registers examined and found correct. O.A.Kemball SJ
  19 The school closed at 4pm today for the September holiday.
  29 School reopened at 9 o’clock.  I (E.Coneron) returned to school after being absent since July 2nd on account of illness.  Four new children were admitted, making number on roll 70
Oct 2 Rev Fr d’Andria our new Rev Manager paid his first visit.  Rev Fr Kemball left the town during the September holiday.
  9 Miss Coneron is absent through sickness.  The classes as on a previous occasion have been grouped between Miss Barrett and Miss Crompton as no supply is available.  Miss Barrett pp. Miss Coneron
  10 Number on roll 70.  Average attendance 62.1.
  15 Commencing to-day and every Wednesday following, the afternoon secular lessons will start at 1.30pm to enable the children to go to church for Benediction at 3.50pm.
  21 The Rev Manager visited the school this afternoon
  24 The Medical Officer and Nurse Bates visited the school at 11am to examine all the children admitted since the last Medical Inspection
  27 The Rev Manager visited this morning.
  30 The school closed today at 4pm for the Mid-term holiday.  Average attendance 57
Nov 4 The school reopened this morning at 9am
  10 At the request of the Mayor the children had a holiday today
  12 The Rev Manager visited
  14 This week has seen charges in our Dining-room staff.  With Mrs Cottam’s resigning her duties as Welfare Officer on the 7th inst, Mrs Jolly took up these duties on the 11th.  On that day Mrs Trimby became 1st Dining room Assistant, with Mrs Bowker as second in charge.
  17 The Rev Manager visited
  18 The Rev Manager visited.  53 children present.  The considerable drop in attendance is owing to the prevalence of Whooping Cough.
  19 In celebration of the Royal Wedding of H.R.H. Princess Elizabeth and Lt Philip Mountbatten, this afternoon’s lessons were suspended to allow the children to enjoy party games in the Hall.  These were followed by a nice tea, after which prizes were given to the winners of the games.  Mr Walter Jackson, a School Manager paid a visit while the celebrations were in progress.  53 children were present.
  20 The children have a holiday to-day to commemorate the Royal Wedding.
  21 The Rev Manager visited.  71 children on the roll; average attendance 53.1
  25 Today the afternoon session commenced at 1.15 with secular lessons, and the children were dismissed at 3.15 in order to allow Miss Crompton and myself to attend at P.T. Demonstration given by Miss Reece and Mr Jones at Padiham.
  27 The Rev Manager visited.
  28 On Tuesday the 25th inst, requisition from Hope Bros arrived.
Dec 11 The Rev Manager visited.
  17 This morning at 10.30am the children were shown three interesting Health Films by Mr Bradford, who also gave a little talk on the same.  Dr Fairweather, Clitheroe’s Medical Officer, paid a brief visit.  56 children were present.
  18 Registered examined and found correct. A.B.d’Andria SJ
    This afternoon the children gave a short concert of Songs and Carols, attended by the Reverend Manager, who afterwards distributed gifts from the Christmas Tree.  60 children were present.
  19 The school closed at 4pm today for the Christmas Holiday.  Finished quarterly totals.



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