24th Sunday in Ordinary Time – 17th September 2017

Dear Parishioners,

We welcome back to Clitheroe and Sabden Fr Mark Paver who three years ago, as part of his training, spent some months with us. This weekend he returns as an ordained priest. As well as celebrating our weekend Masses he will concelebrate and assist conferring the sacrament of sick at the healing Mass on Sunday at 2pm.

This is time of the year when we begin organising the RCIA course, but unusually this year I have received no inquiries. As you know the RCIA is geared to help those who feel drawn to joining the Catholic Church or who simply wish to dip their toes in the water to learn what we are about. Catholics wishing to develop their knowledge of the faith are also welcome. Please contact me as soon as possible if you know of anyone who is or might be interested in this year’s programme.

This week and next, I’ll be meeting with parents of children in our schools who are eligible to make their First Holy Communion in June next year. We shall more or less follow the same programme as last year, except that as the children spend an hour with their catechists on Sunday morning after Mass, this year we propose that the parents join parishioners in the Social Centre for coffee so that new parishioners and the like will get to know members of the parish community, especially our younger families.

Parents of children who do not attend a Catholic school and who wish their children to make their first Holy Communion should contact me as soon as is possible and certainly before the end of this month. Please spread the message, otherwise they will be left to join next year’s programme.

The Parish Forum meets on Wednesday at 7.30 with tea or coffee and biscuits from 7.15pm. As usual we have an interesting agenda, including the formation of the Laudato Si group, Christmas Mass schedule (this year 9 masses over three days but only one doddering priest!) the new programme for infant baptisms, closure of the passage between the school and the church, a report on developments in the Social Centre, new arrangements for the Christmas Fayre and a number of other issues to follow up from the July Forum.

Sadly, the holidays are over!

Fr John

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