21st Sunday in Ordinary time – 23rd August 2015

PILGRIMAGE TO LOURDES – 31st July to 6th August 2015

We have returned with the ‘joy of mission’!
We all experienced so much on an individual, Parish and Diocesan level. It would appear that there aren’t enough words to do justice and to share our reflections.
So here are just a few words we collectively recorded in an attempt to give insight into Lourdes…………….

 Single words……..

“joy” – “time” – “laughter” – “tears” – “God” – “love” – “wonderful” -“mass” -“special” -“moving” – “spirituality” – “friendship” – “experience” – “reconciliation” – “healing” – “deep” – “beautiful” – “emotional” – “music” – “service” – “opportunity” – “expressions” – “singing” – “young” – “welcoming” – “meaningful” – “involvement” – “journey” – “memorable” – “opportunity” – “joyful” – “holiness”.

A few more words……..

“Truly inspirational” – “first visit” – “above expectations” “Our Lady” – “packed schedule” – “joining in” – “worthwhile experience” – St Bernadette” – “Christian Community” – “wonderful Bishop” – “reflective experience” – “torchlight procession” – “Ave Maria” – “uplifting and enhancing” – “strengthening of faith” – “making new friends” – “Bishop John’s presence” – “God Bless all” – “encouraged to participate” – “grace and adoration” – “kindness and love”.

And so much more……..

“looking after the sick” – “with our Parish groups” – “closer to God, Jesus and our Mother Mary” – “our amazing clergy as human beings” – “great grace and peace” – “would recommend it to anyone” – “getting to know people” – “blessed by my visit and long to return” – “continue much harder at home” – “excellent volunteers, especially the young people” – “sincerity, humility and humanity” – “a place to experience for yourself” – “Rosary Basilica, really beautiful” – “people’s devotion to Our Lady” – “Our Blessed Lady has pulled her cape around me” – “treasure of late night silence at the Grotto” – “faith is very much alive” – “diocese activities and time for your own personal preferences”

The choir sang beautifully; the young ‘army’ of volunteers, dressed in their blue T-shirts, looked after the sick pilgrims in their wheelchairs with such care, love and devotion. It was humbling to witness; we all felt very proud of them.

Food for thought: One young girl’s experience changed the world for many.

You just have to go to know……..!!

Many thanks to all who made the Pilgrimage to Lourdes such a special, uplifting and spiritual experience. See you all next year!!
Stay with us Lord on our journey

From Our Lady of the Valley Parish Pilgrims

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