18th Sunday in Ordinary time – 5th August 2018

 Prayer of St Augustine

Hear my prayer, Lord.

Let my soul not wilt under your discipline.

Let it not tire of remembering your kindness

in rescuing me from my careless ways.

I long for you to be my delight

more than the honeyed pleasures.

I chased in the past.

You have enabled me to love you,

love you strongly, deeply.

You have brought me to hold your hand

with every ounce of strength I have,

that you may keep me from all danger

till my dying day.

See, Lord, you are my King and my God.

Whatever of value I learnt as a boy

I now place at your service.

Whatever I read, or write,

whatever I speak or compute,

let these skills serve you.


From Confessions of St Augustine

(Reflecting on his misspent youth)

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