17th November 2019 – 33rd Sunday in Ordinary time

Questionnaire—Parish Website

 In order to help us develop the website to fulfil your needs, could you please answer the questions below and return your form by next weekend to the box at the back of church.

  1. a) Do you use the parish Website?  (www.olotv.org.uk)


If your answer is “NO” please say why not—be frank.

If “YES” please say what you use it for, and how frequently

  1. b) What more would you like to see on the website?
  1. c) Would you like to be contacted by email with Parish updates?


If Yes, please give your email address:

  1. d) Please tick to which age group you belong (optional)

Under 18 (  )      18—25  (  )       26-40  (  )       41—65  (  )

66  –  80   (  )     Over 80  (  )

Please add any other comments or suggestions.


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