17th May 2020 – 6th Sunday of Easter

Parish of Our Lady of the Valley

 Newsletter for 17th May 2020 – 6th Sunday of Easter

NEXT THURSDAY we celebrate the Ascension of the Lord.

Lately Dead: We keep in prayer all who have died recently especially Liz Foley


From the archives – How times have changed…

The following is taken from a school Log book for the BOYS School in April 1869:

Report of H.M. Inspector

“The failures are fewer this year and the general tone of the instruction of the school is much improved.  A newly certificated Master who has been here a few weeks, is doing his best to render it efficient.  I am glad that there is some prospect of an enlargement of the room in which the boys are taught. Vouchers should be produced with the account books of the School and should be kept, as far as possible separate from those of any other establishment that the Managers may happen to superintend.  The offices should be furnished with doors.” – Richard Cardwell.

The log then reads:

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