Anti-Trafficking: What we do (from 2020)

April 3, 2020: Caritas Salford Beacon

The latest edition of the Beacon has two articles by Caritas Anti-Trafficking

April 2, 2020: GMP NGO Corona-virus update

Ann Cooney attended this Zoom meeting on the continuing impact of the corona-virus on anti-trafficking services

March 26, 2020: GMP NGO Zoom meeting

Details of the meeting can be found here

March 11, 2020: Homelessness event at Blackburn Library

Caritas Anti-Trafficking contributed to the organising of two events, morning and afternoon, at Blackburn Library aimed at staff and volunteers who work with or have contact with homeless young people and adults.  Sion Hall (PLASP Lead), Dawn Walmsley (Blackburn with Darwen Safeguarding Adults/Children Board) and Ed Saville (Clewer) spoke and we also had input from a victim of human trafficking about her own personal experience.  Around 50 delegates attended each event.

March 10, 2020: Meeting of clergy and representatives of the Christian churches in Clitheroe

An opportunity to raise the profile of our anti-trafficking work

March 6, 2020: Anti-Trafficking Stations of the Cross interlinked with the experiences of victims of human trafficking (St Michael and St John’s, Clitheroe)

These Stations of the Cross are by Mary O’Malley, Project Coordinator – Human Trafficking at the Medical Missionaries of Mary (MMM).  They are Mary’s experience of encounter with them.  All names are changed but the circumstances and gender are real people.  You can see the full text here

February 28, 2020: PLASP Meeting

February 25, 2020: PLASP Faith Sub-Group Meeting

Some notes of the meeting can be found here

February 20, 2020: In Plain Sight Follow-on Meeting

Mark Wiggin represented Caritas Anti-Trafficking at this meeting.  Full notes of the meeting have not been made public whilst discussions continue but you can see information sent to the delegates who attended the In Plain Sight Conference on October 15 2019 here

February 20, 2020: Meeting with Diocesan Education Department RE Leads

We met with Catherine Moss and Anna Nuttall, Salford, Diocese Education Department Primary and Secondary RE Leads, to discuss modern day slavery input, including County Lines, into Diocesan schools.

Although we don’t know what we can realistically expect of schools within that general aim, the ideal is for all schools to have Human Trafficking and Modern Day Slavery (HTMS) awareness raising incorporated into the school and built into the curriculum.

During 2020, we want a few pilots, ideally linked with a parish,  that can be presented as exemplars within the Diocese and serve to stimulate more action.  We need to build up a picture of what a model school would be like to include safeguarding, awareness raising and Catholic Social Teaching.

It was a useful meeting in which we explored how we could access school heads and heads of RE at diocesan level.  We were also looking for the opportunities in schools which would best lend themselves to our input.  We explored a number of potential schools and people for early contact.

February 12, 2020: In Plain Sight Telephone meeting

A meeting to finalise details of the meeting with key delegates from the In Plain Sight Conference, on February 20, to take forward plans for Towards a One Church Approach to Human Trafficking which is the term we are currently using to describe our plans for partnership working across the dioceses and Congregations of Religious.

February 12, 2020: Meeting with GMP Challenger

Programme Challenger is Greater Manchester’s partnership response to serious and organised crime. It is made up of many different agencies, who all work together to disrupt and dismantle individuals and networks committing serious crime in Greater Manchester, including running drug lines, exploiting people for financial gain, buying and using firearms, and laundering the money they make from their criminality.   Programme Challenger wants to be able to support a wide range of practitioners who are currently playing their part in tackling serious and organised crime. This takes many forms, and covers many specialisms and disciplines, including safeguarding, community safety, trading standards, mental health and social care, to name a few. By better informing practitioners around trends, threats and models of serious and organised crime,   Programme Challenger can better equip the workforce across Greater Manchester, and beyond.

Caritas Anti-Trafficking links with Programme Challenger via the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) Modern Slavery Response Network NGO Forum.

County Lines’ increasingly high profile has made it clear that it is an issue to be concerned about in our diocesan schools and the meeting was to explore ways of working in partnership.  We met with Sian Payne, Partnership Officer for Programme Challenger to exchange information on input to schools.

Programme Challenger use PowerPoint presentations for years 7- 9 along with videos but as GMP covers a number of local education authorities arrangements and delivery will differ.  Caritas Anti-Trafficking is exploring materials available via the Clewer Initiative and those being developed by the Medaille Trust.  We have also learned that Lancashire County Council has included input on County Lines in standard safeguarding input to primary schools.  Sian was interested in our Freedom Bus and Journey to Freedom exhibition.  There are clearly opportunities for joint working.  Our next steps are to liaise with the Diocesan Education Department and research existing materials

February 8, 2020: the Feast of St Bakhita

See Caritas Anti-Trafficking Newssheet 5 which we put out to parish priests in time for the Feast of St Bakhita

February 7, 2020: Presentation to Caritas Ambassadors

Ann Cooney gave a half hour presentation on the issue of modern day slavery to primary school Caritas Ambassadors.  Details later

February 6, 2020: Clewer Initative Conference at Bishopthorpe Castle

A very useful opportunity to network with people, particularly from the Anglican Church, who are working in the field of human trafficking.  We had good input from:  Bishop Alastair Redfern, Founder and Chair of the Clewer Initiative;  Caroline Virgo, Lead Officer for the Clewer Initiative; Steve Forster, Development Officer for the Clewer Initiative; and Sarah Walden, Best Practice Manager at Crisis who spoke about homelessness and the particular problems homeless women face.

Round table discussions focused on issues raised and progress made.  We were invited to create a time line for our anti-trafficking work covering the achievements of East Lancashire Police, PLASP and Caritas Anti-Trafficking from 2015.

February 5, 2020: Clitheroe Christians in Partnership

An opportunity to update the Clitheroe Christian community of what we are doing, particular developing a partnership approach following the In Plain Sight conference

January 31, 2020: Northern Dioceses  Environmental Group

Although this meeting on the environment had nothing directly to do with human trafficking, six of the fifteen or so people attending were either existing anti-trafficking contacts or active in the field.  The problems of mobilizing  communities to act against what Pope Francis refers to as structural sin are common to both environment and social justice issues. It was useful to network on anti-trafficking matters with Liverpool Archdiocese, Hallam Diocese and Lancaster Diocese.

January 28, 2020: Daughters of Charity, St Vincent de Paul

We updated Sister Bridie Dowd on the follow on from In Plain Sight conference and developments in Salford Diocese which will hopefully include some direct input for volunteers into schools and parishes as well as awareness raising in homelessness charities.

January 28, 2020: Medaille Trust Look Up Project

In a meeting between the Medaile Trust and Caritas Anti-Trafficking Marc  Pearson outlined the Look Up Project , a six-year partnership between the Medaille Trust and the Archdiocese of Birmingham to raise awareness of modern slavery.  There are 18 deaneries in the Birmingham Archdiocese and the Medaille Trust aims to cover three deaneries per year with a short talk in each parish.

In addition to heading the Look Up Project Marc manages the 15 Medaille envoys who deliver talks in churches, schools and other venues.

The Medaille are also developing a schools pack for key stages 3 and 4 (11-16 year olds)

Marc noted that the October 15 In Plain Sight conference had been very productive for the Medaille in establishing links with other dioceses.  We discussed a range of things that we could work on together: awareness raising input to schools including County Lines, the idea of a pledge, prayer cards and other resources.

January 25, 2020: Rights, dignity & religion: responding to ‘modern slavery’

This one day conference,  Understanding the Role of Faith Based Organizations in Anti-trafficking,  run by Sheffield University was centred on a three year research project by Sheffield and Leeds Universities:.  Caritas Salford was part of the sample of organizations interviewed as part of the research.  The summary report can be found here.  A full report will come out later.

During the course of the day there were contributions from a total of 37 speakers including Dame Sara Thornton, International Anti-Slavery Commissioner, and the Rt Revd Dr Alastair Redfern, chair of the Clewer Initiative.

January 23, 2020: PLASP Meeting

See the notes of the meeting here

January 19, 2020: Archdiocese of Liverpool Memorial Lecture 2020

Kevin Hyland gave the keynote address, after which delegates spent 15 minutes each on a choice of two out of twelve  tables to learn about and discuss a particular topic of interest.   The tables were chaired by: the Santa Marta Group, Caritas Salford, PLASP, the Salvation Army, CSAN, The Brick, a secondary school head of PSHE, Clewer Initiative,  the Medaille Trust,  City Hearts, Asylum Link Merseyside, Justice and Peace.

January 14, 2020: PLASP Homelessness event meeting 

A preliminary meeting to set the scene for an event at Blackburn Museum for delegates from homeless charities to learn about the issue of modern day slavery and what their organizations can do to combat it.

January 11, 2020 Caritas Reps Meeting

Caritas Salford Reps met for the arrangements for Caritas Sunday when all parishes have a collection for the charity.  Anti-Trafficking is one of the 22 services and the event was an opportunity to network with reps from other parishes.  We made two particularly useful contacts for future working together.

January 6, 2020 Ann Cooney

Ann joined us for induction and briefing at Caritas House.  Ann will work for two days per week for the next 12 months.

December 20: GMP NGO Forum

Details later