Mirela (sarah wiggin)

How we contribute to our missionary parish

Our parish Anti-Trafficking group is a response to Pope Francis’ call for Catholics and law enforcement officers around the world to join together in the fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery. Human  trafficking happens here, “hidden in plain sight”, and we all have a duty to be aware.  Moreover we are all complicit in the poverty and exploitation that fuels human trafficking as Pope Francis tells us in Laudato Si

.Anti-Trafficking started as an OLOTV parish initiative and is now a subgroup of Caritas Salford Anti-Trafficking.  We are also linked with the Medaille Trust, the Catholic Charity that provides safe houses for victims of human trafficking, and we fund raise for them and dispense their magazines.

What we do

We work with  East Lancashire Police in  the spirit of  the Santa Marta Group to inform the public about what to do when they see something that doesn’t look right and probably isn’t.  We speak to groups of adults and school children and we publicise the issues via newspapers and social media.  We have also become involved in victim care and support.

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