Knights of St. Columba (KSC)

The Knights of St. Columba (KSC) are group of catholic men who bond together and under the guidance of their chaplain try to work for the good of the church and community.

We meet formally every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7.30 pm.

With our Chaplain we discuss how we can assist our parish and wider community. Although we know that individuals can do good works within the parish, we believe we can work more effectively as a group.

We consider ourselves to be a family organisation that demands the same loyalty and love as any family, (we look after each other both spiritually and materially as part of an international organisation.)

At Clitheroe, including Sabden, Whalley, Stonyhurst, and Dunsop Bridge we have about 20 members, but are always open to welcome new brothers to help us in our increasing workload. As we have fewer priests it is important that the laity take a bigger share of the workload.

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