First Sunday of Lent – 18 February 2018


Our newly launched Laudato Si group (formed to promote Pope Francis’ concern for the poor and for the earth (our common home) has decided to challenge the parish to earn CAFOD’s Live Simply Award. This will encourage us to care for the planet and work for a fair sharing of the planet’s resources among all people.  It will also link in with the many activities already taking place in the parish: the Hope in the Future programme, the work of the SVP, the Food Bank, the refugee support initiatives, work on behalf of the unborn, the threats to introduce euthanasia and the support of victims of human trafficking to mention only some.

CAFOD’s focus for Lent this year is on children suffering from hunger and malnutrition. Next week Lent Family Fast Day, will concentrate on helping families, particularly in Zimbabwe, ensure that their children grow up healthily and enjoy their childhoods. Every pound raised during Lent will be matched by the UK Government!

As a CAFOD trustee, Bishop John has travelled to places where he has seen the people who live from what they find on piles of rubbish. Speaking on Laudato Si last September, he asked that we See, Judge and Act.  We must SEE what is happening in the world, JUDGE where it is wrong and then ACT. In 2012 the UK wasted 7 million tons of food whilst 1.2 billion people worldwide went to bed hungry. We must ACT by changing our attitude to the food we buy and the way we spend our money.  It is estimated that 30% of the food on our plate goes into the bin.

World hunger will only be eradicated if we take action both at home and overseas.

This Sunday CAFOD distributes Family Fast Day envelopes.  This year we ask that you keep your envelope throughout Lent and each time you resist a treat or otherwise abstain or sacrifice put the money you save in the envelope and then return the envelope on Easter Sunday.

This Lent, try to live simply so that others may simply live — and also help save the planet!.

Laudato Si and CAFOD groups

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