8th August 2021 – Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Mass 12 noon (Saturday) Dunsop Bridge

Mass 5pm (Saturday) Clitheroe

Mass 9.30am Clitheroe

Mass 11am Sabden

Monday            Mass 10am Clitheroe

Tuesday           Mass 10am Clitheroe

Wednesday     Mass 10am Clitheroe (St. John Vianney)

Thursday Mass 10am Clitheroe

Friday               Mass 10am Clitheroe (The Transfiguration)

Sunday    14th/15th August  – The Assumption http://fourstreetschichester.org.uk/resources/
         Mass 12 noon Dunsop Bridge (Saturday)

Mass 5pm Clitheroe (Saturday)

Mass 9.30am Clitheroe

Mass 11am Sabden

Baptisms by appointment with Fr. Paul.


Gerald Filbin, Ann Wharton, Margaret Batts, Les Collinson, Terry Peters,


Rosemary London (nee Reid), Ronald Hope, Gerald Filbin


Margaret Batts, Terry Peters, Les Collinson

 Janet is taking a week off next week Aug 9 – 13th therefore the Parish Office will be closed but she can be contacted by phone or email on

janegg@hotmail.co.uk or smsj@btinternet.com

Live Simply Thought of the Week:
Ethical Fashion

Less is always best, but when you need new fashion items, better to go for brands that offer sustainable materials, fair wages, and transparent supply chains.


The Ladies Group are hoping to restart their monthly meetings sooooooon!
The first will be on

Wednesday, 29th September

at 7:30 in our Parish Hall.
It will be lovely to see you all again and catch up on the news.
Please be assured that we will do all we can to sanitise and make the room safe.
The Speaker will be Shirley Penman, a local lady, whose talk is about the men of our parish who died in WW1, WW11 and Northern Ireland.

Please inform others who maybe do not get sight of this note.


Mark Wiggin attended the Action for Life on Earth 2021, the 43rd conference of the National Justice and Peace Network of England and Wales (NJPN) held 23rd -25th July at Swanwick. It attracted 200 participants from every diocese. Caritas and the Diocese of Salford played an important part contributing key speakers including Fr Eamonn Mulcahy (Spiritans), Mark Rotherham (Northern Diocese Environment Group), Dr Emma Gardener (Head of Environment, Diocese of Salford) and Bishop John Arnold

The conference, chaired by Christine Allen, Director of CAFOD, was characterised by the impressive number of young people attending who spoke passionately about the urgent need for a radical change in behaviour if the Earth is to recover from the damage inflicted on it by those in power.

Fr Eamonn led the Friday evening reflection on Laudato Si and Let Us Dream – two inspirational works by Pope Francis on the need to recognise our place in the order of the world and understand the inter-connectedness of creation of which we are only a part of as creation was for all life. Speaker Mark Rotherham, of the Northern Dioceses Environmental Group, felt it essential we transform our current economic system so that it promotes both social equality and environmental protection. “A good life-sustaining economy is about slowly down and recognising planetary boundaries” he said. He described the arms industry as “a huge shadow over our nation” and felt that we need to withdraw legitimacy from this draw on global resources and energy. Emma Gardener explained the national work of the Bishops in setting targets for carbon reduction in their dioceses. Bishop John Arnold of Salford, lead bishop on the environment for England and Wales, said Churches and faiths are making clear they want action. He shared that he has been in dialogue with COP26 president Alok Sharma MP, “trying to speak loudly to politicians”.

With less than 100 days to COP26, the NJPN conference has mobilised activists gearing up to the November COP26 climate talks in Glasgow.  Dedicated work and a massive political will is now needed if COP26 is to galvanise the leaders of the world to reduce carbon emissions and increase bio-diversity.

Online Christian Retreats via Zoom

Offering a space for Christians to explore and deepen faith…

Seek ‘life in all its fullness’…

CREATED & LED BY DONNA WORTHINGTON, all retreats are an invitation to be rejuvenated and affirmed in faith, to know Christ better and to open up sacred space in order to listen to the Holy Spirit and experience a living spirituality that consoles, challenges and inspires. Varied methods enable Christians to deepen their own discipleship and travel on in their faith journeys (presentation, theological discussion, stillness, prayer, creative sessions, images, music etc).

All retreats cost £20, unless otherwise stated. For bookings, please see the website or contact Donna Worthington: drworthington@live.co.uk https://christianretreats.live

August 2021

SAINT JOSEPH | Helper of the Incarnation, Listener to dreams, Maker, Embodier of Humility… We walk alongside him to see what we can learn from him. The day will also include exploring the Jungian notion of the positive animus and how the qualities in Saint Joseph can shed light on this. Sat 14th August 2-5pm OR Mon 16th August 10am-1pm

WEEKEND RETREAT – BAREFOOT, WE ENTER HOLY GROUND | Walking in the cool of Eden’s evening, experiencing liminal spaces, seeking wisdom from the holy mountain, exploring the cave of humility and turning our gaze to the summit of transfiguration… A 3 hour retreat spread over the weekend with 3 x 1 hour sessions. Sat 28th August 11am-12pm,then 4-5pm & Sun 29th August 4-5pm (Cost £20)

September 2021

THE PARABLES? | Nice little stories or subversive arrows that turn things upside-down? Sat 18th September 2-5pm OR Mon 20th September 10am-1pm

ARIADNE’S THREAD | We journey into the maze, a red thread piercing the darkness and dancing its way back into the light… Ariadne’s thread is one of the most profound symbols in mythic stories. We will explore this compelling myth, with its maze, Minotaur and redemptive thread. Sun 5th September 2-5pm

THE FIRE, THE WELL & THE CLOAK | Explore the spirituality of St Brigid and her compelling symbolism. Wed 29th September 6.30-9pm


Back in a December 2020 newsletter there was a report from the Girls School Log 1890.  This should have read 1889. This is the 1890 one.

Jan 10 School re-opened on Monday after a fortnight’s holiday.  Mary Bramley replaced Amy Dawson.  She is qualified under Article 84.  She has undertaken Standard I; whilst Martina Bramley has taken charge of Standards II & III.

The religious report received – ‘This school maintains its reputation and can be classed amongst the best in the Diocese.’

16/6d received from Mr Eastham for 6 girls.

Jan 17 20 new garments were begun the upper standards to be shown at the net inspection.
Jan 24 A short lesson on the Latin very amo was given to the whole school every morning before the calling of the registers by the Managers.
Jan 24 Visited this school without notice, tested and examined registers and attendance and found everything correct – 94 marked and present.   Manager John Hartell
Jan 31 The attendance this week has been good, the average being 95.
Feb 7 Annie Whitehead has given half-an-hours reading lesson every morning and afternoon this week to one of the lower standards.
Feb 14 Annie Whitehead still helps with the lower standards for half-an-hour each day.
Feb 24 The average attendance this week is only 80, several children being away through sickness.  Sarah Brown, a girls in Standard III, died after a fortnight’s illness, with heart disease last week.
Feb 28 Several children are still absent through sickness, chiefly bad colds.
Mar 7 Setting gathers into a band again taught to standard IV
Mar 14 The children of Standards V, VI, and VII puts in very neat patches in calico and print.
Mar 21 The Manager questioned the Upper standards in their poetry and explained several passages to them.  The 4th standard again practised the gathering and stroking specimen.
Mar 28 The girls of Standard VI and VII practised whipping a frill and setting it on to a band; and those of Standard V practised tuck-running. 8/6d received from Guardians for 1 girl at the workhouse.  5/- given to the Manager for books sold.
Apr 4 Form VIII filled up and returned to the Manager.
Apr 11 Visited this department without notice, tested and examined the registers and attendance.  81 were present and marked.  Manager

John Hartell.

Apr 11 8/- received from Mrs Harrison for 5 girls.
Apr 18 Notice received that the annual government examination and inspection will take place on Tuesday 20th May at 9 o’clock in the morning.
Apr 25 The attendance this week has been good, the average being 95.
May 2 The new registers were begun yesterday.
May 9 A large harmonium has been added to the school apparatus.
May 16 Three children have been absent this week through sickness.
  English according to Code of 1890
  Rep: 1      The First Snowfall                 20 lines
          II                      do                              40 lines
         III     From my arm chair               48 lines
          IV    The Village & Blacksmith     12 lines
                  Robert of Sicily                       80 lines
          V                       do                            100 lines
         VI & VII           do                            150 lines
May 23 The girls were examined and inspected on Tuesday morning by Mrs Hamer & Mr Johnson.  W.H.Brewer Esquire H.M.I. visited the school on Wednesday afternoon, saw the children at their ordinary work, and looked at the copy books of the upper standards saying they were very nicely written.
May 30 Holiday all week – Whit week
June 6 The schedules were received May 28th.  105 girls were examined: 104 passes in reading, 103 in writing and 98 in arithmetic giving a percentage of 97.
June 13 17 girls were admitted from the Infants school a fortnight since
  Report 1890
  Girls’ school.  Most satisfactory results have again been obtained in the elementary subjects but it is advisable that mental arithmetic should receive special attention.  English is very well taught.  The needlework deserves the highest praise.  The songs are very sweetly sung.  Again the Excellent merit grant is well earned.  M.Bramley is continued under article 84.  Manager John Hartell

Present staff

  Mary Ann Baynes certificated 1st class, Martina Bramley (article 50), Mary Bramley (article 84).  Manager John Hartell.
June 20 Seven children absent with Scarlet Fever
June 25 Visited this department without notice, tested Registers and Attendance, found everything correct.  76 being marked 77 being present, one had come late (Mg’t Durham)
June 27 Midsummer holidays commence today.  3/- received from Mrs Harrison for 1 girl  Grace Wilson
July 30 School visited.  D.Hamer
Aug 1 School work re-commenced on Monday July 28th.  On that day Annie Whitehead began teaching as a candidate.  The average attendance for the week is only 78, seven families are still suffering with Scarlet Fever.
Aug 8 The attendance is still poor on account of fever.
Aug 15 Last week the school was visited by Miss Green from Blackburn and Miss Jackson from Pendleton: this week by Miss Campion from Bristol
Aug 22 No school on Monday as it was a general holiday in the town.
Aug 29 Standard IV can now do their knitting and darning specimens.
Sept 5 Standard V can now do their knitting and marking specimen.
Sept 12 The attendance has been better both this week and last, the average being 90
Sept 19 Notice of the religious examination received.  It is to be on October 15th
Sept 26 Mrs Trappes and her two daughters were present during the sewing lesson on Tuesday.  They greatly admired the specimens worked.  They were brought in by the Manager who also remained during the lesson.
Oct 3 The schools were warmed for the first time to-day.
Oct 10 15/1d received from the guardians for 3 girls.
Oct 17 The religious examination took place on Wednesday the 15th, the examiner being Father Bolton.  104 were presented.
Oct 24 Holiday today and yesterday for the annual cattle fair.
Oct 31 Report of the religious examination received.  Mark of merit excellent.  Nothing is required in this school but encouragement to maintain its present efficiency.  The children were beautifully neat and orderly.
Nov 7 The children of Standard IV were taught to put in flannel patch.
Nov 14 The usual half holiday was given on Monday in honour of the election of the mayor.
Nov 21 Fractions were taught to Standard V and decimal fractions to Standard VI
Nov 28 2/8d paid to the Manager for an atlas for Annie Whitehead.
Dec 5 Standards Iv & V have been taught all their rules in arithmetic.
Dec 12 The school was visited by the Manager and father Swift.
Dec 19 The Christmas Holidays commence to-day. 2/9d received from Guardians for Grace Wilson.


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